Unless you are new to Golf Starz (welcome) or don’t have an Instagram, then undoubtedly you have heard of our friend Jacob Sanborn. Or as most people know him, the “Wedge Wizard.”  If you are unfamiliar with him – don’t worry. Your boys over here at Golf Starz have your back.  We sat down with … Continue reading THE WEDGE WIZARD GOES SOLO


Imagine this, you are in your mid-twenties, you wake up every day doing something you love to do. In a way, you are being handed the keys to develop your passion into a career, and you are starting to gain notice from influencers in the golf industry and even guys and girls on the professional circuits. Recently, Golf Starz had the opportunity to catch up with Jacob Sanborn, the “wedge wizard,” to learn more about what got him into the golf industry and what makes him tick.