If you would've told me I'd have a top instructor, top trainer, and sports psychologist at my finger tips (right here in Ohio) coupled with a world class training facility, I would've told you I won the mega millions.  My only complaint is that I really no longer have an excuse to be an average golfer. 



We were recently talking to a friend of ours who is very well respected in the golf industry.  When we asked his opinion on Cure Putters what he said really rang true.  The putters may look a little different and the ball coming off the club may sound like something you have never heard before. So, while the putter may take a little bit to get used to, the thing you will get used to is hearing the ball hitting the bottom of the cup. 


Without accuracy, power is nothing. That's why the new C300 irons from Wilson Staff have been designed to provide both. Power Holes positioned all around and through the head of the club create explosive distance across the entire face, propelling not only your perfectly hit shots farther and straighter, your heel and toe shots will be more accurate as well.


You and 84% of golfers play cavity back irons because they’re forgiving, easy to swing, and lighter than tour-designed irons. So why are you gaming that unforgiving blade wedge? The Cleveland CBX Wedge is a more advanced, more forgiving wedge for golfers who play cavity back irons. It gives you tour-level spin and control while blending seamlessly with your cavity back irons.


Do you ever look at a putter and think, man I need to get that club? When everything about the putter works. The look of the putter, the grip, the head cover. Before you even put the putter in your hand, something about the putter just attracts you to it. That is the feeling we had when Bettinardi sent us the QB8 Queen B Series. We read a lot about Bettinardi, and could not wait to try what they had to offer. How could you not want to try a putter on the 2017 Golf Digest Gold Hot List.


I hope everyone enjoyed our post about the man behind this amazing putter, featured below. If you did not have a chance - check it out a few posts below. Here is what I love most about the work Kyle does over at the Golf Garage. How many times have you come across a really good brand name putter on EBay or at a resale shop? Most of the time these putters need some work. Even if they are in pretty good shape, you may want to add some personal flair to the putter.