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Most of you may know this already but for the past year or so I have been writing under the moniker Jansen Lee. Regular readers already know but for those who don’t follow the blog then I will fill you in. We recently made the switch from a store front website to a true blog. When I brought on Lafferty Daniels to help me with some writing we agreed to remain anonymous. But as we have started to grow the blog we realized that it was going to be really tough to keep our identity a secret. He will be doing a similar post, but we figured while we were making the site switch that now was a good time to do this. We decided we owed it to our readers to shed some light on who we really are as writers and golfers.


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Chippo takes two of my favorite things (golf and backyard games) that were once separate and marries them together for a fun filled time.  Chippo is one of the games that will liven up any party bringing you back to the glory days, while working on your short game.   Clearly there were a lot of people in our boat, living the mundane world of current backyard games because these guys went the crowd funding route and totally crushed it.