The idea started in the winter of 2015 when two avid golfers out of Columbus, Ohio were itching to play but couldn’t because of the weather. Since they aren’t big bowling fans they decided to start a golf Instagram account under the name Golf Starz (@golf_starz) purely for entertainment and for the love of the game. Although they receive a lot of fan submissions they also post original and curated content which they enjoy since it helps the social golf community grow. The content they post can vary from topical, educational, historical and comical plus everything in between. Their content has been featured on a number of famous pages including SportsCenter, Golf Digest, Golf.com, Whistle Sports, WorldstarHipHop, Greatest Sporting Moments, Jerry of the Day, PGA.com and even on the TV Show SportsNation (on ESPN) twice. The idea took off on social media so they created a blog and launched a small line of premium tee shirts and hats that are affordable and relatable for everyone (no matter what level you play at).


Mission: As a golf media company we feel our job is to inform and guide the average golfer on what is going on in the golf world – our take on tour events, what products are out in the market, and everything else golf/lifestyle related. We want to make sure people get an honest review/advice on a company/club because not everything is made with the common golfer in mind. That’s why we want to help people make the best decision for them not what is best for the pro golfer.

Social Media Mission: While we are flexible, we have found some of our best work and brand exposure have been through fun, organic content/posts. Showing our real life, honest experience with a product builds trust with our audience and gives them the most realistic expectation for that product. For an example of our past work please contact us at info@golfstarz.us


Who we reach:

(As of August 2019)


  • Over 86,100 followers
  • Average about 500,000 impressions ever week (total number of times all of our posts are seen)
  • Average around 25K views per video post
  • We reach around 70K people each week (number of unique accounts that see our posts)
  • Average around 1,500 in engagement per post (number of times post was liked, saved and commented on)
  • We average 3,000 profile views each week
  • We average around 3,000 views on our story per post
**All data is captured from Instagram.


  • We average around 2,500 website views every month
**All data is captured from wordpress, our website host.


  • Almost 3,000 followers and growing
  • Tweets earn 140K impressions over a 28 day period


  • Over 650 Followers
  • Over 700 people follow Golf Starz
**These numbers obviously are always changing and can fluctuate from week to week – again numbers are based on best available information on each platform**
**We do not guarantee views and the above data is for informational purposes only**

Our content has been featured on:


  • Product Reviews
  • Product placement in content
  • Sponsored content
  • Sponsorship opportunities on the website
  • Original content – to be featured on our social media
  • Enhancing/establishing social media presence


“Thanks to Golf Starz, we recently had our most successful giveaway yet! They were on top of their game to post on their page and their story throughout the promotion. We had a huge increase in followers and activity, as well as an increase in click-through’s to sales! We look forward to working with Golf Starz again in the future.”

Teralin Petereit | Manager
Anne Stone, LLC. | Putt-A-Round

“I have worked with Golf Starz since the beginning. It has been great to see how they have grown. They are great hard working guys, easy to work with, and I have seen growth in product recognition and social media presence by working with them.”

Daniel Erdman | Director Sales and Marketing
Uther Golf

“Golf Starz has been an absolute pleasure to work with! They reached out to me asking to highlight my work in an effort to expose the “little guys” and all the hard work that is being done behind the scenes in the golf industry. We developed a project together, wrote up an awesome 2 part article and exposed their strong social media presence to my work. I can not thank them enough for excellent, clear, concise and honest communication. Thank you Golf Starz!”

Kyle Campbell | Owner
The Golf Garage