Unless you are one of the few who did not read the first part in this series, then take a minute and catch up and read all about the man behind Origin Golf .

So, now that you are caught up…Chris had a vision. The vision to venture out on his own and unleash the creative beast he is.  We recently sat down with Chris to learn more about what makes Origin tick and why he decided to make the leap.

Before we get into the interview, let us take a minute to summarize what we think of Origin Golf.  Some of our favorite stores to shop at are more of a hang out than a store, there is a certain vibe about them.  Buying their clothes isn’t just a fashion statement, but a statement that you are in the inner circle.  Well, somehow Chris has captured this vibe and found a way to display it online.  Chris and Origin really stand behind the saying that “Everything is cooler out of Oregon”. We can’t say for certain that “everything”  is – but we can say everything Origin is offering are some of the cooler pieces on the market.

Now lets jump into the Origin story and our interview with Chris, the Founder of Origin.

The Origin of Origin Golf

Origin started a little over a year ago. Chris was working full time during the day for his day job and grinding on nights and weekends to get his idea of creating a place that broke the mold of the traditional big box store and the green grass pro shop.  His side hustle was creating an online and physical store space that was different, that captured the new vibe in golf.

Social-7086.jpgWe asked Chris if there was there a particular moment or feeling when he knew he was ready to make the jump?  To leave the security of working for an established company and venture out on his own.  Chris said, “I turned 40, big time to reflect on what I’ve done in my career and what I wanted to do going forward. Creating my own brand and retail store was always my end goal.”  We all come to this moment at one point or another in our lives, and it is an extremely scary moment if you ask me.  You have the passion, the drive, confidence etc. to make your dream become a reality but will it work? Well Chris decided to put his money where his mouth is and decided to take the leap.

Why the name Origin?

Chris is a designer and creator himself wanted something that spoke to the Social-6882.jpgsmaller brands.  Something that tells the stories behind a brand, designer, or a particular line of clothing.  So really being able to celebrate a brand and tell their story…the origin of the brand.

So you have a name, what about the brand?

When you think of some of the worlds most successful brands, what comes to mind?  The logo and the brands’ colors.  Typically brands capture one really well.  Well, Origin has found a way to capture both. Color theory is an area in brand design which is overlooked. It sets the mood and emotion of a brand/company. Origin has done this by incorporating the iconic yellow color.  Yellow stands out in the crowd. Hello is bight, uplifting, and energetic.  You see the yellow early on in some of the products Chris designed for the Origin brand. The one that stands out most is the Seamus Headcover. OGXSG_HEADCOVER_copy.jpg

IMG_2047.jpgOrigin found its defining color, but what about a logo? Well, Chris wanted to find the right way to brand Origin Golf.  Chris described the “Origin Golf” logo as  “a combination of classic script and athletic block type. Working with Robb Harskamp we wanted something fun and dramatic. Robb’s work is timeless, he captures the emotion in his line work.”  There is something that is just some simple but complex about this logo.  It really drives the brand moving forward.

Origin doesn’t just use the classic script/block logo.  Wanting to feature the vibe that screamin_ball.jpgOrigin is looking to celebrate, the almost underground golf culture, Chris and Origin decided to add multiple ways to brand Origin, paying homage to one of Chris’ favorite Santa Cruz skate art pieces, Origin also has the Screaming Ball logo.  Throwing it back iconic Jim Phillips screaming hand logo, the screaming ball is loud in your face, and a way to celebrate this new vibe in golf.

Now you can’t be a company out of Oregon and not pay some respect to the home turf.  Origin also has the hybrid beaver duck logo, named Steve O.


Each “logo” is different but tied back to the original brand, pay homage to what drives Origin.

So, is Everything Really Cooler out of Oregon?


Origin’s banner is “Everything is cooler out of Oregon.”  Origin is adding its name to the ever-growing list of brands that are coming out of Oregon.  Think about it – Seamus, Jones, Mackenzie and Muni Kids are all out of Oregon.  You can see the effect Oregon is having on the market.  Right now I can’t think of a hotter line up of companies.  By partnering with these companies, Origin not only offers some of their products online and in their store but is able to add the Origin flare. For example, morphing a Jones Shoe bag in a new unique piece.

Why is Origin different?

Origin has found a way to create a unique space where brands can coexist.  Creating a one-stop shop within online retail that is undoubtedly different than a pro shop or a big box store.  One thing we love is a place that houses brands that are consistently bringing new products to market.  Chris says, “My followers love the fact they can get some fresh Origin pieces with a Jones bag and Birds Of Condor hat.”

In our opinion, the reason that Origin is different is that Origin stays true to the driving force of why they started.  Chris/Origin is always on the look for a new take on something familiar.  Chris said, “I look for the passion and drive from brands and their owners.”  Just scrolling on their page you see it right away.  Where else can you find a company that creates a new hat with their logo right next to another brand?  Allowing you to mix and match brands.


 What is Origin up to in 2019?

Well, Origin has really hit the ground running.  Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Origin original pieces and collabs – you can check out the whole line up here.


Origin now distributes and sells worldwide, shipping to Australia, Japan, UAE, South Korea, and the UK.  Having this network is opening up new doors in markets that traditionally may not have heard of a company.

Additionally, expect to see some pretty major collabs as well as new brands coming into the Origin Portfolio.  In 2019 you will see Radry Golf, Radda Golf, Nomad Customs, Malbon and Leus.  Origin carries a portion of their collections in addition to collabs.

Where will Origin be in 5 years?
“In five years I hope to have a stand alone storefront. That we are recognized as a retail brand and the amount of golf lifestyle brands have increased.
Best part of owning my own brand is I have full control on what, when and how I do things. I get to work with brands and people I admire within the industry and we get to create something special together. I’m excited about the year ahead and the collabs we have lined up.”

In conclusion

Origin has found a sweet spot in our minds.  It’s simple, Origin has the ability to be a stand-alone brand but also has the staying and creative power to bring some amazing brands together and come up with an innovative piece.  Within the first year, they were able to collab with some pretty big names and make pieces that stand out.  Being creative isn’t always about creating something that is your own.  Being creative is about finding a way to make different brands work together in a space that the consumer can easily navigate.  Origin has found a way to do that.  While it is early in the Origin story, trust us when we say Chris has found the magic sauce.

Shoutout to James Foley for providing the dope pictures of Chris.

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    Hey guys! Good article. Interesting backstory. Will keep following this brand that’s definitely cooler because….well, it’s from Oregon. 🙂

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