OUTSIDE NEWS:Psycho Bunny Announces Endorsement of Abraham Ancer

Recently, we connected with Pyscho Bunny and love everything about what they stand for.  In your face class coupled with loud accents.  Disrupting the country club look – by infusion some street style but staying close to the roots.  Check out our recent articles here and here.

With Psycho Bunny making a splash in the golf market it was only a matter of time before they sign a PGA Tour player to rock their clothing.  But in our opinion you need to find the right fit, you need to find someone loud that plays quite.  You need to find someone who fits the brand and can grow with the brand.  Well Psycho Bunny found their guy in Abraham Ancer.  Ancer has made a splash on the tour since joining and we feel is a great fit for the brand.  Check out Psycho Bunny’s press release below.  We are excited to see how the script him in upcoming tournaments.


Psycho Bunny Announces Endorsement of Professional Golfer Abraham Ancer

The brand has signed a year sponsorship agreement with the Mexican PGA Tour player

ii_ju8huhin0.pngNew York, NY​- Psycho Bunny, the men’s contemporary and golf clothing brand, has announced it has signed an endorsement deal with professional PGA Tour player Abraham Ancer. The signing of Ancer signals the continued evolution of the Psycho Bunny Golf collection beginning with the Spring 2019 introduction of new innovative fabrics.

“We are thrilled to welcome Abraham to the Psycho Bunny family,” said Elara Verret, VP of Marketing. “He embodies the Psycho Bunny personality of sophisticated mischief. As a brand that prides itself on uniqueness, it’s a pleasure to embrace someone who shares a similar likeness.”

Ancer, who helms from Reynosa, Mexico, joined the PGA tour in 2016 and has quickly risen to become one of the tour’s up-and-coming players. He is currently ranked 58th in the PGA Tour and most recently won the Australian Open in December, beating a field of several known seasoned players. Prior to signing with Psycho Bunny, Ancer was a major fan of the brand and actually was the one to approach Psycho Bunny with the idea of partnering. The one-year partnership will see Ancer wearing Psycho Bunny on and off the course.

“I approached Psycho Bunny a few years back, as the brand has always interested me. It’s different, unique and irreverent. As the only Psycho Bunny athlete on the PGA Tour, it gives me great joy to have a brand respect and further my individuality. I look forward to representing the Psycho Bunny brand and building on our partnership both on and off the course.” said Ancer.


About Psycho Bunny

Founded in 2005 by Robert Godley and Robert Goldman, Psycho Bunny ​is a men’s contemporary and golf clothing brand based in New York. Despite its lighthearted nature, the brand is rooted in fine craftsmans​hip​. ​P​sycho Bunny ​is known for its signature, hand-finished polo shirts which are manufactured in Peru using the finest Pima cotton. Featuring a signature pique that retains its shape and color after washing, each polo has a side vent and is finished using lustrous mother of pearl buttons. Over the years, the brand has expanded to include

multiple categories including t-shirts, bottoms, outerwear, cashmere scarves and socks, and a golf collection. Psycho Bunny has a global presence, as well as dedicated retail stores in Japan, South America and the United States.

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