Alright – this is a new section of the blog, where we go out and buy something and review it.  If you have been following along on the blog for some time now, everything we review here is honest and in our own words.  From time to time we do receive the product for free (we always disclosure when we receive a product for free) to try it /test it and do an honest review.  But in the past we haven’t done the best job at writing about the stuff we buy on our own. This year we plan on changing that.

To kick this off, a challenge we see with reviewing monthly subscription boxes is only reviewing one month is impossible.  Seeing how the box evolves and changes from month to month.  Most of the time when I sign up for a monthly subscription box, golf related or not, it is because of a coupon code, so the big question is after the first month with the savings does the value still exist.

So recently Short Par 4 offered a discount code across social media where you could get your first “Fairway Box” for $25 dollars and it included a pair of Puma Shoes.  Well…what did we have to lose?

This is the first of a three part series. We will commit to reviewing and paying for the next three months of a “Fairway Box” to give a longer term review of how the box changes from month to month.  Enjoy!

So who is Short Par 4?  Short Par 4 describes themselves as “We are a box that is about discovery beyond the traditional big name brands — delivering the highest quality products to your door that are in-style, on-trend and affordable. Do we include big name brands as well? You bet we do. From Nike to Under Armour to Puma and everywhere in between, our Style Caddies do the hard work for you allowing you to look great on and off the course.”  Recently, they have signed big names like Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson – which is really driving brand recognition.

Long story short, they pick items based on how you personally describe your fashion.

Styles described by Short Par 4 as:

  • “Athletic: Your Style: Modern, Clean & Stylish –Colors: Deep Tones & Popping Accents Patterns: Solids, Stripes, Subtle Textures Style Icons: Dustin Johnson, Zach Johnson”
  • Loud and Wild:  Your Style: Bold, Strong And Fun- Colors: Brights, Neons, Unexpected Mixes-  Patterns: Stripes, Chevrons, Argyle, Plaid – Style Icons: Rickie Fowler, Ian Poulter”
  • Traditional: Your Style: Conservative And Classic – Colors: Neutrals with Muted Accent Colors –Patterns: Solids & Ultra-Subtle Textures – Style Icons: Fred Couples, Matt Kuchar”
  • All Styles:  Your Style: Depends On The Occasion – Colors: Ranges from Neutrals to Bolds – Patterns: Solids, Plaids, Fun Patterns-  Style Icons: Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott”

I went with “Traditional” – typically I dress pretty conservative and when I am looking to add some color or personality on the course, there is a particular piece I find that allows me to do that.  It has to be the right piece that I am drawn too, I am not one to mix it up too much.

From there you fill in all your sizes, I am excited to see how this works, for most people we are same size brand from brand.  I am excited to see how Short Par 4 deals with this.

After you fill in all your sizes then you pick your level of membership.  Choices include (info below pulled from Short Par 4 website):

  • “Fairway – $49.95 a month –  Avg. Box Retail Value = $100 MSRP Delivered Monthly to Your Doorstep – Brand Name Golf Apparel – 2 Item Outfit or 1 Item + 2 Accessories”
  • “Executive – $99.95 a month –  Avg. Box Retail Value = $125 – $200 MSRP – Delivered Monthly to Your Doorstep – In-Season, Premium Brand Golf Apparel -2 – 3 Item Premium Brand Outfits / Box”

Please note, the price per month does not include shipping, that is additional.  No commitment, you can cancel at any time, membership is month to month.

Recently, Short Par 4 added the “Tour Experience” box that is limited quantities but is a “one of a kind, exclusive boxes curated by one of the PGA Tour’s biggest stars with apparel, accessories and gear for both on and off the course.”  A “Tour Experience” box will run you $125 a month.

So now hopefully you are a little familiar with how the services works.  Now, there is always promo codes out there, either from social accounts with with Short Par 4, Short Par 4 own social or you can sign up for free shipping on their website.  Like I said I was interested in trying because of the promise of a pari of shoes for $25 bucks.  Even if they were not great, they would be  good back up or rain shoe.

Here is what I got in the box for month one:IMG_4136

  • Puma Golf Shoes – the GRIP FUSION TECH GOLF SHOES – “The GRIP FUSION Tech brings iconic PUMA style in this Limited Edition run, created in collaboration with Short Par 4.”
  • 2 Short Par 4 Pitch Fix divot repair tools (I think I was only supposed to get one)
  • 1 Short Par 4 Rickie Fowler themed poker chip ball marker

Independent value (based on other websites):

So all in total retail value – approx $118 – assuming I was only supposed to receive one divot tool.


For month one I paid $30.90


Month One Pros:

  • Value – paid $30.90 and got about $118 dollar worth of stuff.
  • Shoes seem to be good quality.  There is a one year water proof guarantee from Puma, so that is a huge major plus going into spring and “wet” golf.
  • You can never have too many ball markers and divot repairs, I plan to leave these in my shoe bag, I tend to leave them at home etc after emptying pockets after the round.

Month One Cons:

  • After seeing on social and forums that some people got black Puma golf shoes, I feel for my personal style I got lucky.  I can count on one hand the time a season I wear shoes that are not white.  – I wish there is a way to describe your style more,  maybe list colors or items you would never wear…etc. While there is process to exchange or return – it costs 9.95 for clothing and 12.95 for shoes, asking a couple more questions up front will save them the effort and the consumer some money.

All and all, month one was pretty good.  With the discount code the value increased – making the box even better.  It hard not to get your money’s worth when there is a pair of shoes included.  I can say I am excited for the next box as I assume there will be clothing in the box so we can really put the value, fit, and style to the test.

Are you a subscriber to Short Par 4?  If so let us know what you think by commenting below!



3 thoughts on “WE BOUGHT IT: SHORT PAR 4 (PART 1)

  1. so I am a member for 125$ a month.. this month they sent me a bluetooth speaker (79.99) MSRP, (which is fairly low quality and not even a name brand item)….and a head cover. that is it. this is the biggest scam I have ever heard of in my life. these guys are jokes and I hope they go out of business


    1. I got the same exact shipment. I would rather donate the money to the local cart guys. At least I would know someone got satisfaction out of the $125! Canceling now.


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