prodbig.jpgAre you in the market for a new 3 wood?

ICYMI recently we connected with Tour Edge and reviewed Exotic EXS Driver.  Not knowing a lot about the company back then we were extremely impressed with the design, performance, and price.  Well ever since then we have wanted to get our hands on more of their products and put them through the Golf Starz testing process.  Well recently the fine people over at Tour Edge decided to hook it up and send over the Exotics CBX 119 3 wood and the Exotics EXS Irons.  For this review we are focusing on the 3 wood.

So since we have see an increase in new readers let us recap how we review clubs. We will give you a little background on the company/club.  As for the actual review of the club, first we always take the club out on the course.  We want to get a feel game time conditions and feel.  We want to form our opinions on how the club operates in the field then we head over to the lab to see if the numbers match the performance.  We repeat the process as many times as it takes to get a real feel for the club.

Now lets jump into the the review. 

Background on the Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Fairway Wood:

According to Tour Edge:

“Exotics has once again taken distance gains to the next level with the all-new CBX 119. The Exotics CBX 119 fairway metals are new versions of the award-winning Exotics CBX Models.  Modifications were made to the Exotics CBX fairway metals and hybrids based off of feedback from Tour Edge’s Tour Staff on the PGA Tour Champions and some of the other 50 plus professionals who put Exotics into play on tour in 2018.”

Building on expert advice – Tour Edge  combined the shapes of the original CBX with the more compact, deeper-face CBX T3 model, with the goal of further reducing spin off of the metalwoods the Speed Ramp Sole was widened by 15% to create higher MOI and an even higher CG (center of gravity).

Tour Edge was able to save 25% of the weight from the clubhead to use towards CG manipulation.  They did this by combo brazing a titanium cup face to a stainless steel body combined with carbon fiber on the sole.

You can snag the CBX 119 for $299.99

Top Facts:

    helps to reduce spin more than previous models and creates more wind-defying distance
    allows for more weight to be positioned closer to the face to deliver more power with lower spin
    thin and thick compartments are positioned for optimal forgiveness even on off-center hits
    minimizes turf interaction to maintain maximum club head speed through impact
    provides less spin and a more penetrating ball flight
    more compact heel-to-toe with less face progression


On paper this thing should game.  Let’s see how it performs…first the course.

On Course Review:

So we recently had the opportunity to take the Exotics CBX 119 3 wood out for a couple image1-2.jpegrounds to test it out.  The weather in Ohio is finally making a turn so we will continue to test.  We tested it twice at Wilson Road Golf Course and Golf Club of Dublin – Wilson Road is a shorter 9 hole course, some what tight and ball control is imperative.  As for Golf Club of Dublin, its a little more wide open, links style (ish) course, the best you will be in Columbus in this style.  Lots of longer holes, that challenges you with a three wood on your second shot.  The main difference between the courses at least when it comes to testing, Wilson is tight off the tee shots while Dublin is tighter on the approach shots. During all three of my rounds, the wind was blowing, it wasn’t constant but was a factor.  Temps were low, two rounds in the 40’s and one in the 50’s.  Played all three rounds with Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis  Perfect mix up of courses to really test the club.

You only get 14 clubs in your bag, you need to find the best 14 that work for you and can hit multiple shots.  The biggest thing we look for in a three wood in the versatility off the tee and off the deck.  How will it perform not only in the fairway but the rough.  I have come across great 3 woods that are awesome off the tee but have trouble controlling spin and launch angle off the deck.

Well let me tell you this bad boy performed.  Off the tee, distance wasn’t a problem and I image3-2.jpegwas able to keep the ball flight low.  Playing in the spring here in Ohio, this is key, the wind can be a killer and keeping it low helps save a couple shots during the early season rounds.

Accuracy was spot on, I felt like I was able to place the ball off the tee.  For me when the driver is off, I turn pretty quickly to my 3 wood.  What I noticed right away with the CBX 119 was I didn’t loose a lot of distance.  Having the ability to move from driver to 3 wood without sacrificing distance is huge.  Being an average golfer there is days where no matter what I do the driver is just off.  Rather than struggle or go with a long iron off the tee, being able to switch may save my round.  Added bonus, when they are both on, I will be able to have a little more of a shot selection.  On tighter tee shots I can go for a 3 wood.  For reference I can count of my 3 wood to be in the 230 range off the tee.  I actually saw some added distance, was in the 240 range based on the cart GPS.

Now to off the deck.  For me, this is the most important factor to look at.  Generally, I use my 3 wood more off the deck than off the tee.  With the longer Par 5 I can typically count on driver then 3 wood.  So for me, having a three wood that can perform is key.  Typically, I have trouble keeping the ball low, which kills my distance.  I felt like the CBX 119 was the perfect mix off the tee and off the deck.  One thing I could tell is the spin rate was low, allowing me to control shots.  While testing there was one shot in particular that summed up my thoughts, with about 220 out second shot, par 5.  I was able to hit a low, baby fade to stick it on the green,  Eagle opp…well since this isn’t a review of my putting we will leave it there.

Key points from on course:

  • Distance both off the tee and off the deck were killer distances.  Gaining on my current 3 wood
  • Trajectory was low, allowing the shot to cut through the wind
  • Performed well both off the tee and off the deck
  • Spin felt low


In the lab testing: 

Since distance wasn’t a factor on the course, we wanted to test one thing exclusively in the lab.  Spin.  So as a primer.  We tested on a Optishot Ball Flight hitting Callaway Chrome Soft balls hitting the club about 100 times.  We threw out all the shanks (again we are average golfers, not machines) and decided to compare the data.  One thing is for certain is the spin rate we were feeling on the course was a true feeling and the data proved it.

Reference: David’s current gamer – Callaway Rogue, Graham’s current gamer TS3.  David’s average spin rate is roughly 4200 and Graham’s is 4400.  In the sim David saw some improved spin but was constant right around 4100-4200 and Graham saw an improvement in the 4200-4300 range.  We are going to continue to test but seeing some really comparable numbers.


All and all we were very impressed with the club.  One of my favorite things is the image4-2.jpegsimplistic look the club has.  All black, really pops and looks great int he bag.  The club felt great on the course, even for rounds where we were knocking off the rust.  We are going to continue to test and continue to update the review.

If you are in the market for a 3 wood, give Tour Edge a look.  They continue to produce great clubs at a great price.  We are excited to continue to knock this on around and see how it continues to perform.  Up next we will be testing out some Tour Edge irons.



Tour Edge gave us the above mentioned 3 wood free of charge to try and do an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions.  Golf Starz was given the 3 wood as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company.  Golf Starz does not receive any referral fees for any purchases or links clicked in this article.  We are just making sure you know where to buy it.


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