ICYMI: recently the fine people over at Psycho Bunny gave us a sneak peak of their spring line.  See more here.

Well, after we got the sneak peak, we had to get our hands on a couple polos to review.  It’s one thing to look great in a magazine or on models, but let’s see how they look in real life – on average looking dudes.

So if you have been following Golf Starz for awhile, you have seen our reviews and hopefully are starting to get a look into our on course style.  If I were to describe us, I would say we dress pretty traditional with an infusion of street style.  A rebellion on the classic country club look.  We are always searching for clothes that fit our style. Well maybe we are late to the game, but recently we came across Psycho Bunny.   After doing some research we feel like Golf Starz and Psycho Bunny are kindred souls.  Approaching life with a garage band mentality.  Mix it up, and being unapologetically true to yourself.  Don’t answer to anyone and never ask for forgiveness for being you. In a way – a very loud classiness.

Before we jump into the review of the two polos they sent us, here is a little background on the company.


LP20_06_3840.jpgA little under 15 years ago, two fellas names Robert decided that they wanted to create a new bold new menswear brand.  Sitting down over steaks, the two Roberts started down a path that would disrupt the clothing industry.  During their first meeting one of the Roberts, Mr. Robert Godley sketched the iconic identity.  “A bunny skull and crossbones. Two elements working as one. Rebellion with style, sophisticated mischief so to speak.”

Both the Roberts, Godley and Goldman, had some history in the clothing industry.  Godley classically trained in English bespoke tailoring and footwear. Goldman is a third generation New Yorker who grew up in the designer necktie industry.  Bringing years of industry strength coupled with a drive and desire to:

“always sail against the sea of ordinary and to never compromise on quality or creativity”

These two fellas took a necktie company and expanded, transforming traditional formal wear into street wear.   Traditionally, you could find Psycho Bunny at Nordstroms and high end mens boutiques. A couple months ago Psycho Bunny opened it first brick and mortar in Miami.  Founded with the ethos “made for mischief” – the Roberts stay vigilant to remain true to pushing boundaries on traditional formal wear.

The Goods:

So now you know a little bit about the company.  Lets jump in to the review.  Psycho Bunny sent us the Mens Sport Lumley Polo – White (pictured below left) and the Mens Twizell Polo – White (sold out now) (pictured below right)

First the Mens Sport Lumley Polo – right away the attention to detail is noticeable.  The B6K259E1PB-WHT-5_1340x.jpgclassic solid color with the accented collar and sleeves allow this shirt to stand alone also while bring an amazing piece you can layer.  Having the accented collar and sleeves would look great layered under a crew neck or even under a vest. The pops of color make this a statement piece.  The accent matches the iconic bunny and cross bones towing the shirt together.

Recently I wore this on the course, and I am looking forward to wearing it as the temps start to rise.  Crafted to be extremely light weight, with monitor wicking and antimicrobial technology, this shirt is going to be a main contender in the spring and summer rotation.  Style coupled with function, really separates this shirt from others in the market.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now to the fit, so word of the wise, I am typically an XL but in Psycho Bunny I am a XXL.  Since Psycho Bunny has their own sizing guide – in Psycho Bunny terms I am a size 9.  The polo fit great, has plenty of room, and allows for an easy swing.  Psycho Bunny aims to have the polo “skim your body to give a crisp and neat fit.”  I agree that it had the comfort of a tight fitting shirt, like Under Armour, but didn’t feel like I was wearing compression wear. A big plus for us bigger guys.

While the polo was constructed with performance material, I didn’t feel like it was see through.  Sometimes with light weight performance material you are basically showing some nip, but I would say the shirt was not transparent.  The shirt was a little long to wear untucked. But come on, you are on the golf course, tuck your shirt in.  The collar is made to be stiffer and I have washed it now five times to test it and remains stiff and upright, no signs of bacon collar yet.

Here is may favorite part of the shirt.  During the spring and winter months the shirt is light enough to feel comfortable under outerwear, not causing you to sweat.  At times I almost forgot I was wearing it.  The lightness will come in clutch in the dog days of summer.

All in all I was a huge fan of this polo.  The style, the fit, everything was great.  Like I said if you are not familiar with Psycho Bunny’s sizing guide do some research.  The small accents are awesome, the color way through out the shirt take the traditional white polo and improves it.  With the addition of the mother of pearl buttons, this shirt looks great on and off the course.

Next up is the the Mens Twizell Polo – white (sold out now).  The twizell polo has a thicker


texture feel in comparison to the Mens Sport Lumley Polo – White but not in a bad way.  Here is the best way to describe it. If you have never worn this style of Psycho Bunny shirt — think of the classic Ralph Lauren polo, you know the one, that mesh feeling shirt. Well this has the same look but is unbelievably soft.  

Still breathable and does not restrict your swing. Because of the weather I have only had the opportunity to swing a club in our simulator wearing this shirt but similar to the other polo, you never really feel the polo on your body.  It was almost an extension of your body.  For us average golfers it is one less things you have to think about. No need for readjusting your shirt, re-tucking it in, or pulling the sleeves up.

Take the last polo and literally flip it, this bad boy pulls the eye to the body of the shirt with a really different unique print. When you layer this shirt you are going to hide the prize and have a classic looking white collar pocking out.  But when you want to “let the dogs out” and take off the sweater, guess what you are going to be wearing subtly loud shirt that will look good with blue or khaki pants.

The only complaint I had with this shirt was a departure from the other shirt we reviewed.  This shirt featured only two mother of pearl buttons rather than three.  I felt like this made the collar spread a little but farther than I like but isn’t a deal breaker.  Again, make sure you check out the sizing guide before buying.


Looking at Psycho Bunny’s website I feel like there is something for everyone, as long as you are into quality crafted shirts at a competitive price.  Both shirts are right in the $100 dollar ball park and perform along with their peers.  For me, when you are buying Psycho Bunny, you are buying something that is going to stand out. You are investing in yourself.  The transcending pieces allow you to transition from course to office or even out on the town.  Dress them up, play them down, I guarantee you are going to be hard pressed to find an occasion you won’t look good wearing it.

I am excited to explore more ways to wear these shirts and we will continue to update this review accordingly.


Psycho Bunny gave us the above mentioned polos free of charge to try and do an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions.  Golf Starz was given the polos as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company.  Golf Starz does not receive any referral fees for any purchases or links clicked in this article.  We are just making sure you know where to buy it.




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