With the Arnold Palmer Invitational this weekend we decided to highlight some of our favorite things that are Arnie Inspired – some items are for sale while others are not.

 Stitch Golf

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Classic style and really celebrate Mr. Palmer.  With a style for everyone one, leather, knit, mallet and blade.  In both black and white.  You really can’t go wrong with any of these.  The head covers range from $72-$98.  You can buy them here.  

Smathers and Branson

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Again, classic stylish way to celebrate Mr. Palmer.  Great accessories no matter what you are wearing.  The belt is an amazing piece with the most iconic imagines stitched in the needlepoint.  The classic red sweeter, iconic umbrella, and delicious drink.  Ranging from $195-$29.50, you can buy them here.

Seamus Golf


Seamus is known for their quality pieces.  Again, utilizing the trademarked iconic umbrella logo, this ball marker may not help you putt like Arnie, but every time you reach into your pocket to grab your ball marker – maybe take a second to reflect on his life and try to find a way to emulate it.  At $35 dollars you can grab one here.

P.S. Seamus teased a little collaboration dropping tomorrow…can’t wait.



Puma dropped an unreal line up in the apparel department.  Hopefully, you were able to snag a couple something because it went quick.

Arnold Palmer Invitational Online Pro Shop  

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Now we are not huge tourney logo guys but when you combine Arnie and the umbrella you can’t go wrong.  The nice part is you can rock some gear without being there.  Prices vary and items are selling out fast so check out everything here.

Palm Golf Co.


A young Arnie here.  Rocking this towel will undoubtedly up your bag swag right away.  This bad boy will run you $30 American and you can buy it here.

Druh Belts and Buckles 

Druh belts are taking pre-orders for the 2019 Arnold Palmer collection.  You can either go with a classic brown or black or spice it up with some color in this collection.  With an etched out an umbrella or classic full square look, the Druh belts take a different approach to the other belts featured due to style.  Ranging from $150-$230 you can buy them here.

Some things you can’t buy on the internet




All images were captured from social media linked or the above links, Golf Starz does not own any rights to the photos and are only being used to illustrate things we find awesome.  Golf Starz does not profit off any purchases or clicks made from this article.  Prices were captured from the websites and may change without notice, Golf Starz is not responsible for prices or any purchases made

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