We recently had the opportunity to take a sneak peak at the Psycho Bunny Spring 2019 look book.  Psycho Bunny is known for being fashion forward – adding a bold twist to a the classic style, celebrating rouge spirit.  The logo says it all.  A bunny skull and crossbones. Two elements working as one. Rebellion with style, sophisticated mischief so to speak.

You can check out all of the new pieces here.  But we wanted to highlight a couple of our favorites.

mens sport gosfield polo– navy


The Gosfield polo is going to run you $98 dollars.  The classic navy base with accented sleeve cuffs and tip of the collar, really separates this polo from the rest.  Would look great on and off the course.  With some khaki or grey chinos, rebel from the classic monochromatic polo.

mens sport gosfield polo– white

image (2).png

The same as the navy Gosfield polo,the white clocks in at $98 dollars.  Again, taking a departure from the solid polo.  The white has a great look, with a blue and pink accents, tying the iconic bunny skull and crossbones with the rest of the shirt.

mens sport romiley polo– knockout pink

image (1).png

The Romiley is right inline with the Gosfield in price.  $98 dollars.  I am a huge huge fan of large bold stripes this season.  These are nice statement pieces and when you combine them with bold colors, you have a winner.  This polo can go with anything, blue, khaki, and even white pants (hard pass for me).

mens sport colworth hoodie – black

image (3).png

Now I am not a huge hoodie guy but Psycho Bunny may have converted me.  The Colworth will run you $130 dollars.  A very classic color combo, that can transition on and off the course.  Again, rebelling against the norm, the Colworth hoodie will hopefully make it in the closet this year.

mens woven sport jacket– black


The Sport Jacket is the sleeper in the drop.  I am in love with the highlighted logo and pocket liners.  The jacket is water-repellant and windproof and has a little bit of built in mischief.  If you reach into your left pocket, you’ll find a little surprise: a PsychoBunny-branded microfibre towel.  To me this is a must own piece.  Coming in at $195, you are losing money not buying this.



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