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Now if that doesn’t make you want to run through a wall, check your pulse.

So look in full disclosure the Prowler VT with Switch Face Technology has not hit the market, so the following is based on the press materials sent you us, about 10 cuts by both of us with a demo club, and our conversation  with the staff at Lynx during and following the PGA Show.

So before we get into our thoughts, here is what the Lynx released in a press release:

“Lynx® Golf –the iconic equipment brand trusted by multiple major championship winners over its storied history –introduces the Prowler VT Driver with Switch-Face Technology, a revolutionary new design concept that uses interchangeable faces to provide golfers the ability to adjust the true loft of their club.

Lynx Prowler VT Orange

The result of nearly a decade of trials and testing, Prowler VT brings a new level of customization to the high-performance driver category.  Other adjustable drivers change loft by rotating the clubhead around the hosel, resulting in the face sitting open or closed relative to the target. Switch Face Technology allows golfers to change the true loft of the hitting surface while keeping the clubhead square to the ball.

Prowler VT is designed with an entirely removeable face that is secured to the clubhead via attachments crews. At launch, the company will offer faces in five lofts (8, 9, 10, 11 and 12) with varying open and closed settings (2-degrees closed, 1-degree closed, square, 1-degree open, 2-degrees open). This will give golfers 25 different loft and face angle options initially, with more planned to follow.”

So, wow thats a lot.  Now, first off, Lynx did a masterful roll out of this product. Capitalizing on a majority of other club companies already leaking or announcing their new clubs and technology for 2019, Lynx held this back until the PGA show.  To me, a great move.

Now look, when Lynx released/announced this product, a lot of us had the same reaction…wait what!?  Can you literally take off the face!? How is this things going to sound!?

So we can answer some of the questions, and we are counting down the days until we can get this bad boy in our hands to test it out.

So yes you can literally take the face off.  Where other clubs have you adjust in the hosel, the Prowler VT has you literally take the face off the club.  One little bonus feature, if you are anything like me is the screws are actually secured to the face of the club, i.e. you can’t loose them.   Like the press release said, the ability to change the face will serve as the players ability to change the loft and angle of the club.  Providing the adjustability we have all grown to expect with our clubs.  SF-Driver-Face

So you may be asking yourself is this thing even legal?  Well, maybe you did but maybe not, I know I did.  Well according to Lynx the club does conform to the rules of golf, the golfer can not adjust the club mid competition, no different then the driver you are rocking today.

A couple more items of note from Lynx, by removing the adjustability in the hosel, they can shift the weight to the driver head leading to more MOI.  Additionally, Lynx has incorporated their Lynx’s EET (Effective Energy Transfer system) inside the face, all strike force is accurately and equally dispersed throughout the face, leading to greater power and far more forgiveness than other clubs.

Last thing we will add, from our limited time demoing the club and it has some pop and the sound is surprisingly great.  Sounded almost like a well hit baseball off an aluminum baseball bat.

So look, all and all we are excited for this.  Some new technology, that will undoubtedly push the market.  We have some unanswered questions  though.  How will the face hold up over time?  From a distance perspective, are we looking at consistent numbers, some more length, etc?  We are extremely excited to try it out and run it through the Golf Starz Ringer.

I guess the last unanswered question is will Switch Face Technology go the way of BluRay or Laser Disc?

Check out some more photos from the PGA Show below:



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