So look, everyone has heard of Fore Play, No Laying Up, and Eric Anders Lang. Below are some maybe new to you podcasts we have really been digging lately.  Did we miss any?  Comment below.

In no particular order:

The Back of the Range Golf Podcast

back of range.png

I discovered the Back of the Range Golf Podcast on Instagram due to a contest they were running, though I realized I had listened to a couple episodes prior.  Flash forward, a couple weeks and I am hooked.  These guys bring all sides of golf together.  From amateurs to professionals – sprinkle in some coaches and other golf industry people, Ben Adelberg has found a very intriguing mix of people that keeps you wanting to come back for more.

I think they way they describe themselves sums up everything this podcast is about:


Some of our favorite episodes:

I have been listening to G&E since the jump.  The built for radio voice of Ryan Walker, makes the episodes easy to listen to coupled with some really cool stories, ones that not a lot of people hear make this a must listen podcast.  Focusing on the Entrepreneurship side of the golf industry, the boys over at G&E give a platform to the men and women behind the scenes to some of the best companies around.  Hearing the how, the why, and how the sausage is made is something we need to celebrate more.Plus we had the pleasure of teeing it up with some of the G&E team down in Florida during Matt Ginella’s Friday skins game at Winter Park.  These guys can ball.

Some of our favorite episodes:

Cut Golf is Disrupting a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Jones Golf Bags: How the Lemman Family Relaunched the Brand

Episode 47: Behind the Lens With Golf Photographer Christian Hafer

The Fried Egg

fried egg.png


So Fried Egg is a little on the bigger side, but when talking with some of my friends they have heard of Fried Egg but do not listen to their podcast.  That being said they are missing out.  The data driven, deep dive into all things golf, is exactly what we need.  The team at Fried Egg has found the perfect mix of Bryson and Kisner.  Breaking down complexities of course architecture in a way even the simplest of minds (i.e. me) can understand.  If you haven’t listen, give them a try.

Some of our favorite episodes:

Episode 112: Michael McCartin & East Potomac Park

Episode 118: Ian Fillmore – Economist and co-author of Technological Change and Obsolete Skills: Evidence from Men’s Professional Tennis




I will admit I am new listener of Golficity podcast.  So far I have been very impressed.  The have the ability to bounce back and forth from all start guests to just shooting the shit amongst friends.  A very easy listen and I am excited to dive more into it.  The instructional podcasts are some of my favorite.  They easily mix in tips and tricks to better your round.

Some of our favorite episodes:


Golf Podcast 247: Five Tips to Help You Break 100

Golf Podcast 257: Keeping Your Cool Out There

Golf Podcast 232: Start Sticking Your Wedge Shots in Tight


So no doubt I missed some, there is only so many hours in the day.  Comment your favorites below!



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