This year we decided to approach the PGA Show a little differently, first off we approached most of our meetings more on the buying side.  More on that later.  So to recap we decided to do a little summary on each of our meetings with some pictures.  We plan on doing some more in-depth coverage on a couple products that jumped out to us so this will be short and sweet.  Enjoy and comment below what you are excited to see.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out our Thursday recap – make sure you click here:



Miura is known for quality clubs.  We were excited to hear what they were unveiling a cavity back iron.  With the addition of the cavity back Miura has now opened a door to some new golfers.  Additionally, by adding the cavity back irons you can now split the sets and use a cavity back for your longer irons and add the traditional blade for the hight number clubs.  Since Miura focuses on building the set club by club, the more tools to pick from the better.  


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Not to be rude but if you haven’t hear of Greyson you are living under a rock.  Their booth was hands down one of the top at the show.  Bringing in a retrofitted airstream.   

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Tour Edge

Tour Edge is making some waves in the club department.  ICYMI here is our review of the new EXS driver.  Tour Edge plans on building on building on the success they saw with the driver and release new fairway woods and hybrids.   We can not wait to try them.  Additionally, Tour Edge claims the EXS irons will add 10 yards per club…testing coming very very soon.


Mizuno made some moves this year at the PGA Show.  Not only did they make their return to demo day and the show floor.  They decided to announce a number of news making head lines. 

  • First by announcing the RB Tour golf balls will be hitting the shelfs in March of this year.  Building on successes in the ball department they have seen internationally, Mizuno is making the jump.
  • A surprise press conference with Mizuno “lifer” Luke Donald
  • Last but not least, Mizuno showcased their new ST190 woods and JPX919 irons   

It is safe to say that Mizuno was well received and will continue to make some waves here in the North American market.


Jones Golf Bags

Jones is building on the classic look with some new patterns, great partnerships, some new accents. 

New Level

New Level is an up and coming company.  The pictures speak for themselves.  These guys mean business.  We promise you will be hearing more about them soon, not just from us.  These guys are ready to have a huge huge 2019. 




Lastly, check out this video from our friends over at Opti Shot.  We have been testing on the Ball Flight for some time and excited to see their new technology updates.  


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