This year we decided to approach the PGA Show a little differently, first off we approached most of our meetings more on the buying side.  More on that later.  So to recap we decided to do a little summary on each of our meetings with some pictures.  We plan on doing some more in-depth coverage on a couple products that jumped out to us so this will be short and sweet. Also, be sure to check out our YouTube compilation video here.  Enjoy and comment below what you are excited to see.

This year we flew in late Wednesday and had a couple meetings…and a couple sodas.  On Thursday we got right after it:


Needle Golf 

Needle is a great example on why we love the PGA Show.  Last year we were killing some time in between meetings and came across the boys at Needle.  Right away we were impressed with their products and just their story.  Needle is known for their greentop products.  Working with some of the best courses they have created a very unique line up of products.

Last year, Needle came out with a couple designs for retail.  While we can’t discuss to much the 2019 line up is amazing.  Make sure you check back soon to see what Needle has in store for 2019.  We promise you wont want to miss it.


Wilson Golf

Wilson made some early news at the show with the launch of their Wilson Staff Model Blades.  Brendan Steele was involved in the process and boy are these bad boy smooth looking.  Very clean looking and explosive.

Additionally, we took some cuts with the Cortex.  Awesome driver.  Love the addition of the Atmos shaft.

For those who are looking to spend a little less, Wilson unveiled their D7 Driver and Fairway woods.  Clocking in at $299, anyone looking to spend a little less coin but get the performance of a Wilson should check out the D7.



Pure Golf Grips

Pure is coming in to 2019 after a strong 2018.  Unveiling some new colors, Pure is in store for a great 2019.




So while Zanella may be new to the golf world, Zanella has been around for over 50 years.  Making high quality pants, that have been a mainstay in the fashion world.

So taking the unparalleled history and Italian craftsmanship Zanella is planning to make some waves in the golf fashion world.  With a classic chino and a more performance geared pants, we have a feeling that we are going to see a lot more of Zanella.  Additionally the attention to detail adding a tee holder won us over.

Check back soon for a full write up and review.




With a new logo, Asher is planning to build off the success from 2018.  With a more sessional approach to the product launch and adding some focus on the women’s line.  Asher is planning to be on the rise.


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Srixon always comes correct this time a year. The new Z-Star is built for high distance, the new Z-Series of clubs look great… The Z-Forged blades just look unreal! More to come on our blog from Srixon.


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T Squared Putters 

T Squared Putters was one of our favorite stories of the show.  Tony decided to decided to take his love for golf and turn it into a business and guess what he is 17 years old.  The putters are amazing.  We have an interview set up to tell their whole story, but Tony has a bright future.


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Lynx Golf

Last year the Cat decided to come back!  Lynx made some waves last year at the show by returning to America with a roar!  Lynx golf is making everything from starter and Jr clubs to some really amazing looking blades.

But the biggest news is the Switch Face Technology.  Check back in the next couple days for a full write up on the Prowler VT Driver with Switch Face Technology.




The budget friendly technology loaded company TecTecTec is continuing to push the envelope when it comes to range technology.  The ULT-X clocks in at $249 and is accurate within a foot.  With a slope and non slope feature, the ULT-X will allow you to use both features in a legal fashion.

Additionally, TecTecTec came out with a golf watch as well.  Packing it full of the technology you need TecTecTec is able to stay budget friendly at just under $100.

Check back here soon for a full write up and review.



When we think of Ecco, we think of high quality stylish shoes.  2019 is no exception.  Check back soon for a full write up.



Under Armour Eyewear 

Sometimes we take our eyes for granted. Under Armour doesn’t. Their new line of performance glasses (UA TUNED) come in four different styles and can transition on and off the course. The ‘Recovery Glimpse’ (above) is built to help your eyes after your round and the ‘Golf Octane’ shades help you see EVERYTHING better. 



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