You know the saying new year…new driver…wait a minute, I am not 100% sure if that is how it goes, but I digress.

For me, the new year brings a time to shut golf down for a little bit and really look at my bag to see if I should be making any upgrades and changes or if I stay with the current set up.  Now there really isn’t a special formula as to why I choose the new year, it really is based on timing.  One – the weather here in Columbus makes it impossible to really predict with any level of certainty if I will be golfing. Two – for the most part, every company releases the stable of new products around the first of the year.  I can see what is new, maybe get a discount on last year’s model, etc.  Before I started at Golf Starz, my connection to the golf world was limited to my small circle, but after listening and talking with consumers across the country I feel that the new year is the unofficial time everyone takes stock on WIMB.

So, unless you live under a rock you have seen all the new clubs hit the market recently.

We asked on twitter how many people have ever tried or hit a Tour Edge club.  In full disclosure, until last year’s PGA Show, I had never swung a Tour Edge Club.  The results were almost 50/50.  49% of the voters said they have and 51% said they have not.

Recently, Tour Edge sent us the new Exotics EXS Driver.  Before I jump into the review let me start with some of the basics and what Tour Edge says about the driver.  The EXS comes in either 9.5 or 10.5 degrees with the ability to adjust it down or up 2 degrees.  A 460cc head. The driver features a Flight Tuning System (FTS) that includes 9-gram and 3-gram interchangeable weights.  The driver comes with the 9-gram weight in the heel and a 3-gram weight in the rear setting up for a draw bias.  The head was designed with speed in mind and the face includes new RollFace Technology.  The RollFace Technology incorporates modified bulge and roll on the toe to create straighter shots for shots hit off the toe.  Coupled with the sweet-spot enhancing Variable Face Thickness technology, the EXS driver is “most forgiving driver face ever produced by Tour Edge.”

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Check out Tour Edge’s video that furthers explains the technology in the driver.

All the drivers come with an ultra-premium Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft series by Mitsubishi Chemical, ranging from 50-70 gram range depending on flex. Most importantly the driver is currently on the market for $299 dollars.

Now to the review:

For some of our newer readers we like to lead with the on-course review and see if data backs up the feel.  At the end of the day, a majority of us spend more time on the course than the simulator, so on course feel for is a major component to our review.

On Course Testing:      


We received the Tour Edge EXS driver in early December.  The day we received it we unboxed it and decided to head straight to the course.  We had an above 50-degree day (in Columbus, Ohio) so we had to unleash this thing right away. I wasn’t expecting much for no other reason than it has been a couple weeks since I had swung a club and had been a month since I had play consistently. Needless to say, I was a little rusty. 

Well the last thing anyone would call me is bashful so I decided to completely uncork on the first swing. Literally no better way to get a feel for a club. No surprise to me or Graham, I “toed er” a little bit, but to my surprise, the ball landed on the right side of the fairway.  Not having experienced the RollFace Technology before, I was pleasantly surprised.

VideoCapture9520181205-083503.jpgThroughout the first round with the driver I felt like I was fairway hunting all day and was rocking it from a distant perspective.  I would say I am consistently in the 260-270 range and can really uncork from time to time, and the EXS was pushing the upper limit of what I have come to grips with as my driver distance.    If you don’t believe me just ask Graham, pretty sure he was not happy with the distance and control edge I was getting that day.

Even a blind squirrel can find a nut, so was I just on that day or is the Tour Edge EXS really a gamer? I waited for the next day that was even close to playable weather wise and went out.  Played a quick nine in less than ideal course conditions. The grass was extremely wet so roll was out of the question, but right away, I was noticing even with miss hits the ball was finding the fairway, or the first cut.  Like I said, given the conditions I was not able to really see distance but I felt just looking at it from a pure carry number, I was again pushing the upper edge of my range.

tour edge tweet.png

So, all and all from an on-course review, I find it hard to find anything to complain about.  The club felt great on impact and sounds great.  The EXS has a great sound on impact.  You know that sound…don’t lie.  I felt the EXS provided control, amazing control when I struck the ball well and even on miss hits I felt like there was an added control that I previously was lacking.  And distance was amazing.

Testing in the Lab:

image1 (1).jpeg

Look, this may not be a popular opinion but I am not the largest proponent of simulator testing.  For me, I always feel like am not getting my total swing in etc, but grabbing data is important.  Did the control come from a lower spin rate?  Was the distance real or just “course distance?”

I decided to take the EXS to our “Golf Starz” lab and grab some data, the data was captured on our OptiShot BallFlight and using the same ball I am currently gaming the Callaway Chrome Soft X.

At the end of the day my average spin rate was right around 2300 RPM and the distance was right in line with what I expected to see on the course.  The gut feeling is starting to get the data backup.

To conclude the EXS driver looks amazing, and in my opinion preforms well.  The price is amazing.  $299 dollars!  A steal for a driver of this quality.  Finding a driver is a very personal experience and since it’s a club you are going to use on more holes than not on a majority of courses, you should invest in the right one for you.  I will tell you as someone who was not intimately familiar with Tour Edge over a year ago, I will not make that mistake again.

If you are in the market, make sure you give Tour Edge a look.


We are going to try something new here at Golf Starz this year.  We are going to continue to collect data, continue to run equipment through the ringer and update out reviews to reflect that.  Anytime we update a review we will tweet and add it to our IG story.  Make sure you are following along.



Tour Edge gave us the above mentioned driver free of charge to try and do an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions.  Golf Starz was given the driver as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company.  Golf Starz does not receive any referral fees for any purchases or links clicked in this article.  We are just making sure you know where to buy it.



  1. Appreciate this review, especially enjoy on-course ones that have testers out using the club on a course and in varying weather conditions. I am in the market for a new driver and every time I talk myself out of this one it pops back up, i.e. this review or on Twitter. I absolutely LOVE the look. And that price is mind blowing for what appears on all counts to be a premium stick. If only I had the time, and nearby resources, to hit this and several more on the same day. It would take substantial differences to spend $200 more on another driver. In fact, I will never pay $500 regardless. Wait a year or two, get fit for an “older” one, and go enjoy the game and use that extra $$ saved to buy your buddies a round at the turn. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the review. I just wish I could find one to test out. Just got fitted for a driver and (Golftec) and they recommended a Callaway Rogue. Hard to swallow spending $400 though. Still looking though.

    Liked by 1 person

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