One of our favorite companies to work with are the boys over at Asher Golf… not only do they make awesome gloves and hats but their story is a little like ours – a couple of friends who love golf. We were able to catch up with them at PGA Show and chat a little about what they’ve got launching this year (I.E. golf bags) but since then a lot of new stuff has been happening. They have had some pretty dope projects in the pipe line and we thought you guys should know.

Earlier this year you may have seen the big collaboration between the NBA and some of your favorite golf brands like Malbon Golf, Tyson Lamb, Jones Golf, Seamus and Vice Golf.  Malbon has the rights and will be releasing gloves with around 8 or 9 different NBA team logos on them. They chose our friends from Asher to help them out which means you can expect a good looking, quality glove. Side note: As Cavs fans we couldn’t be more pumped about this one!

They also dropped an awesome project in time for the Masters. They teamed up with Lie + Loft to launch an exclusive and limited line of tee shirts. If you’ve never heard of Lie + Loft go check them out on Instagram – they make some pretty awesome prints. And because Asher has already mastered the hat and glove game, we knew this project would be right on par.


Lastly, and honestly what we have been most excited about… Asher has been working with the gals over at ForeHer.Co to drop a unique line of ladies gloves. Although they already offer a small line of chuck gloves we are excited to see them get more involved with the women’s side of the game. The ForeHer movement which celebrates women’s empowerment and their love for the game has arguably been one of the biggest social impacts to the overall game of golf. We won’t spoil it for you but expect some pretty dope designs from this collab and be on the lookout for Charlotte’s post (coming soon)!

As always, make sure you check back this fall and follow us on social media as we will be doing some giveaways with Asher. As the year of golf collaborations continues it’s safe to say our level of excitement is at an all-time high.

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