Since I started at Golf Starz I have been on a journey to find affordable, lesser known products.  I am not here to bash one company over another, but I also think that we serve as a resource to all of our readers. We can introduce everyone to products you may not see or hear about in the big box stores.

Recently, we came across the fine people over at TRUBLU.  Literally, ranks among the best customer service experiences – and they are just the nicest people.  TRUBLU assembles all of their wedges and putters by hand and then they are shipped out from their facility in Towanda, Pennsylvania.

TRUBLU started as a hobby in the garage.  About four years ago, Don (the owner) purchased his own milling machine and a year later a CNC milling machine and relying on skill that has been harnessed over years but stated with some precision milling tech classes in high school, Don decided to mill a putter.  After taking the finished product to the office and receiving the much deserved praise from his colleges and friends, Don stated to sell some putters.  The idea of combining two of his favorite things, golf and machining, Don was on to something…you know cooking with oil.  What started as a side hustle really turned into something that bigger…something more.  Milling putters on the side of only the start.  Last fall, Don decided to dive into the wedge game.  Don said ” I knew from the start I wanted to make a quality wedge that was affordable. I myself am the type of person that doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on something just because of a name on the product. I really felt I could offer something that was competitive with the larger companies but for much less money.”


TRUBLU sent us the 52, 56, and 60 degree to try out and do an honest review.  As with every review, we rely on range and on course play to compile the review.  For ease I decided to break the review down into two categories.  Look and performance.

Before we jump into the two categories…Let me start off with a major selling point in my mind – price.  Currently, you can purchase the Asylum forged wedges for $49.99 built or head only for $30.  Right away these bad boys pass the price test in.  A very sleek design that will be an eye grabber in any bag.



The Asylum wedges are a very sleek designed wedge that will stand out in either finish.  Offered in either Satin Chrome and Black PVD finishes – there literally is no wrong choice.  We went with the black finish.  After a lot of range time and almost 15 rounds the black finish on the face has very little wear.  With blue accents on the back of the club the contrasting colors really pop. I think it looks like a classic wedge that takes it back to the roots of the game.

While the overall look is amazing the real game changer is the face.  This will bleed over a little into the performance…look at me seamlessly transitioning from one thought to another… but right away even before one swing I knew these clubs were going to game well.  Not only can you look and see the attention to detail on the CNC milled face, you can feel it too.  With blind test, the feel felt right in line with the big boys – seamless transition time…



So lets start with distance.  Currently, my distances are 52(110ish), 56(90ish), and 60(70ish) – before the BLU I gamed 52(Vokey) and in the 56 and 60 (Fourteen).  Now my distances are general averages and a normal swing.  Now hand to God, I never lost distance with the TRUBLU, I was even able to really push the distance on some give or take 5/10 yards.  My only issue was remembering that the CNC milled face was going to give me a little more “suck back.” As stated before, CNC milled face – constructed with PRUE grips and True Temper Dynamic Gold S200, hand made in the USA, what more can you ask for.  Well, TRUBLU does in house stamping…now what more can you ask for.

Milled_Face_Black__73343.1537150812.1280.1280.jpgI have always struggled with getting my mid or long wedge shots to sit on the green and not roll off.  The TRUBLU really helped me to control the ball more.

Now to the mid to short range shots.  I felt like I had so much control around the greens.  If I can I used to be more of a bump and run or a Texas wedge kind of guy.  No longer.  I felt like with the TRUBLU I gained some more touch around the green.

At our home course, Hickory Hills, we have smaller greens that generally are harder to stick on the green.  Not saying the wedges were the only factor, but the author of this article won the Tuesday night men’s league…with new wedges in the bag.  Coincidence?  maybe. But no doubt the added confidence around the green helped.


With any new purchase you have to ask yourself a couple questions. Will it help my game? Can I afford it?  Well take it from me, the price is right, you can replace your whole wedge set for the same price of one wedge and in my opinion the wedges perform.  Everyone I have handed one to, has been immediately impressed.  If you are in the market, give them a look.  TRUBLU offers “100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!” within 90 days of your purchase.

Now you didn’t hear it from us but you might want to keep an eye out.  TRUBLU plans to disrupt the market next year with some iron sets.  Don said, “My goal will still be to provide a quality product at a very affordable price.” I could not agree more with what he is doing in the market.


TRUBLU gave us the above mentioned wedges free of charge to try and do an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions.  Golf Starz have been given the wedges as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company.  Golf Starz does not receive any referral fees for use of the discount code and are provided by the company.



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