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Unless you are new to Golf Starz (welcome) or don’t have an Instagram, then undoubtedly you have heard of our friend Jacob Sanborn. Or as most people know him, the “Wedge Wizard.”  If you are unfamiliar with him – don’t worry. Your boys over here at Golf Starz have your back.  We sat down with Jacob awhile back and had an amazing conversation. Before you read any further, click the link to our first story.

Ever since we first talked with Jacob, he has blown up.  He is slowly but surely becoming a house hold name in the golf industry.  After recently talking with Jacob we have some big new we are excited to share.  Jacob has decided to venture out on his own and start his own custom shop.  As you know, we are not huge into “reposting” news and calling it our own.  So below you can see the press release from Jacob.  So, take a look. I thought I would share my thoughts on why this is not only a good move for Jacob, but for everyone in the Golf Industry too.

This is major news.  Jacob is one of the best up and coming talents when it comes to the club finishing game.  When we first met him, right away his talent separated him from the others in the field but the thing that we knew would skyrocket him is his work ethic and his humbleness.  We are happy to report that Jacob is only working harder and is still humble.

Another major plus to Jacob branching out on his own is that he will be able to customize pretty much any club.  While we have been gaming fourteen wedges, finished by the Wizard himself, they may not be for everyone.  Jacob will be able to not only work with you on the finish and design of the club, but will be able to work with you across brands and find the right wedge for your wallet and game.

Lastly, a major complaint we have about the custom club game is that for the most part it really isn’t that custom.  Well Jacob plans on changing all of that.  With Jacob’s new business, you will get to work directly with Jacob, from start to finish.  If you imagine it and it is actually possible to do – Jacob will make it happen.  No more cookie cutter – custom.  This is a game changing addition to the golf industry.

So to sum it all up, you know that feeling you have when you know something is going to be special.  Well when we first connected with Jacob, we knew he was going to take off.

Well now that Jacob has decided to branch out on his own the sky is the limit.  The only thing stopping this kid is the fact there is only 24 hours in a day.  So, if you have not had the chance to check him out, don’t miss it.  You won’t want to regret it.

HERE IS THE LINK TO JACOB’S Official Press Release – July 2


Official Press release JPEG.jpg


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