So next to your putter, the range finder is the most important tool in your bag.  No matter if you are teeing it up at your home course or hitting the links at a new course.  Even at our home course, the distance markers are nothing more than a suggestion.  There is nothing worse than a 150 marker really being at the 165 yard mark.  Wrong club = strokes added.  Being confident with distance is the key to turning your round around.

Recently, I have been in the market for a new range finder.  I feel like the last time I bought a range finder the IPhone had just came out, so technology has completely changed.  Well, our friends over at Precision Pro wanted us to try out their latest models, so they sent them over for us to run them through the ringer.


Precision Pro sent over the NX7 Pro Rangefinder and the NX7 Rangefinder.  Off the bat, here are the hard facts from Precision Pro about each range finder.


As you can see, The NX7 Pro and NX7 are very similar.  The major difference between the two is price and that the NX7 Pro adds the slope feature that we are seeing more and more on the market.

Enough with the facts, how do they perform?  Lets take the major difference first.  The slope feature of the NX7 Pro.  Our home course has a number of elevation changes which can make you either club up or down.  After playing the course for years, you start to gain the course knowledge. But imagine playing a new course that features a number of elevation changes…I assume this is pretty easy to imagine because we have all been there.  Your range finder has you at 130 and the green is elevated in front of you.  Is the shot really playing at 140, maybe 150?  Without years of course knowledge you are basically hitting a blind shot.  Adding the slope feature is huge and once you have a range finder with it, it will be a challenge to go back.

So both the NX7 Pro and NX7 are identical when it comes to the “bones” of the device.  Both are accurate within a yard…both have a range of 400 yards (right in the range of other companies)…water resistant…and shock proof.  Most range finders come with all of these features…but the price…the price is what sets Precision Pro apart.  The NX7 Pro clocks in at $249 and the NX7 clocks in at $199.   Currently, each range finder comes with a $30 dollar mail in rebate.

A couple more things to add.  Both are built tough.  We have dropped them more times than we can count and picked them up right away and no issue.  Additionally, the feel of both models were a big plus to me.  They are on the smaller side and fit perfect in your hand.  Lastly, most range finders come with a warranty, but do all range finders come with lifetime battery replacement?  90-day- money back guarantee?  A 30% trade in value to upgrade?  And last but not least, these Ohio boys answer when you call.

All in all I was very impressed with both models and the price is right.  They both perform well and will make a great addition to your bag.  Great tech, look great, and perform well.  Precision Pro even did a comparison of three range finders on the market. While we have not personally done the side by side comparison, we felt this was great info to pass along.  Check it out below.




Precision Pro provided us some the range finders free of charge to try and do an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions.  Golf Starz has been given the range finders as part of a product review. Although the products were a gift, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company

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