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ROB-OT LLC Introduces ROB-OT BMS1000

The Only Robot in the World that can Play Golf!

VISTA, CA, May 9, 2018– ROB-OT LLC introduces ROB-OT BMS1000, the only robot in the world that can play golf. Previous versions of ROB-OT before the BMS1000 upgrade have been making news since 2013. ROB-OT BMS10 as Jeff, competed in a skills challenge with Rory Mcilroy that was sponsored by the European Tour in 2013. ROB-OT BMS100 as LDRIC, made hole-in-one at #16 at the Waste Management Classic at TPC Scottsdale, AZ in 2016.

ROB-OT BMS1000 is the next generation and is the world’s first Al technology with an intricate data­base and software capabilities that gives golfers the opportunity to better their game. This is an intuitive technology with a digital nervous system that gives feedback on its environment. A combination of the most sophisticated golf robot, multi launch monitors, accelerometers, and gyroscopes records a golfer’s Swing Fingerprint. The Swing Fingerprint is then used by ROB-OT to hit shots with the golfer’s swing and optimize it, showing their maximum potential with their current swing. This optimization can be performed to fit brand new clubs and shafts unlike ever before in history.

“With a system that uses pure physics to increase accuracy and distance to the golfer, the introduction of the BMS1000 is a true revolution in the golf industry,” said Sean Dynes, ROB-OT Managing Partner. “We’ve been making news with our robots for more than 25 years and now, there is a use for these incredible robots at teaching and training facilities around the world… a far cry from the “head delivery device” that was created in the BMS10. In his current configuration with the BMS1000 system, Rob-OT can play a round of golf from tee to putting on the green with the aid of an experienced caddy/operator. There is no other robot in the world that can do this.”

In addition to being the most technologically sophisticated teaching and fitting system available to golfers, ROB-OT can also entertain and educate guests at corporate events. ROB-OT can demonstrate and duplicate the shots of any golfer that has ever lived and played, demonstrate the difference between today’s technologies and those of the past, compete against any of the world’s big hitters in long drive competitions for accuracy & distance, compete against participants for closest-to-the target competitions, and take the tee shots of participants on a designated hole.

“Since we launched ROB-OT BMS1000 earlier this year, we’ve put on clinics in California and Florida and are in the process of booking events for the remainder of the year,” added Dynes. “The players we’ve worked with have seen immediate results and are impressed with the information that ROB-OT provides. Working with ROB-OT is a one-of-a-kind experience and we’re excited to be able offer the opportunity to golfers of all skill levels.”

ROB-OT is available for hire for a variety of events including one-on-one personal experience clinics and corporate clinics and events. Companies or individuals can also purchase their own ROB-OT. For more information, visit www.rob-ot.com.



ROB-OT is the brainchild of Sean Dynes, President of Dynes Unlimited Products, which designs and manufactures the sophisticated robots of the future, and Gene Parente, President of Golf Laboratories, Inc., the leader in independent testing for the golf industry. Parente started Golf Laboratories in 1990 to create and manufacture robots to conduct independent testing of golf equipment. In 1994 Parente retained the services of Dynes Unlimited to design the Golf Laboratories robot. The robots have become the testing standard in golf with 40 purchased worldwide by nearly all of the major equipment manufacturers, the USGA and R&A.

In 2013, the duo developed a mobile, remote controlled version of the robot known as BMS10. The newest model, ROB-OT BMS1000, is a servo driven robot utilizing the latest technology in robotics and is powered by lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicles. The data capture system used by ROB-OT includes radar, photography, accelerometers, and gyroscopes to define the golf swing.

For more information about ROB-OT, visit:
Website: rob-ot.com
Facebook: @Rob-O-T
Instagram: @Rob_O_T


Reposted from ROB-OT Press Release

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