So I have been very excited to introduce y’all to Clutch Putters.  About a year ago we were lucky enough to connect with Clutch Putters, and were able to get the first version of the putter and do a review.  Then a couple things happened. A move for the production of Clutch from Michigan to Colorado, and a total redesign we were not able to release the first review.   So honestly, this has been a long time coming.  With a name like Clutch this putter has a lot to live up to.  It’s hard to rock a putter cover with clutch on it without being able to sink putts.  So without further ado, let me get to the review.




Traditionally, I am a blade putter guy. Honestly until Clutch I had never, other than messing around, gamed anything but a blade. Right off the bat I was worried if this would be the putter for me.  But right away I was able to feel the different for the better.

Clutch has a look of a big company putter with the quality of a hand made small volume putter.  Clutch putters are CNC milled out of 6061 T6 aluminum, right here in the U.S. of A.  The face of the Clutch putter is milled smooth to allow for a clean strike all while provide some additional feel/responsiveness.  The Clutch putter also has the added feature of an alignment aide.  In the center of the putter there is a crease that helps with alignment but since it is made right into the putter, it does not mess with your eye sight mid stroke.  Each Clutch putter comes with one set of interchangeable weights…you can purchase more weights to really dial it in. The weights range from 340g to 390g, in 10g intervals.  Clutch employs the direct to consumer model to cut out any extra mark ups and the putters come in a murdered out all black version or cosmic purple.  At $249, you are getting a gamer that looks great and plays well.

Enough about the construction of the putter, lets get to the good stuff – how does it play?  Well before I get into the review, a couple nights ago we were playing in our weekly nine hole league and honestly I could not get my game together.  Tee shots were shanking, quality iron shots were few and far between, but because of my putting (generally the weakest part of my game) I was able to regain confidence and pull out a victory.  Can a putter really change your game?  Well, I challenge you to try the clutch putter and see if you notice the difference.  Clutch prides itself on increasing MOI. One thing I have learned by reviewing putters is with my swing more MOI adds to my consistency on the green.  Additionally, I could really feel when I struck the ball well and I would tend to think that is in part due to the smooth face.  I felt like length of the putter face and the length of the putter over all really kept my hands quite and didn’t allow my putter to really get off line during my swing.

With the added ability to adjust the weight, I was really able to dial in the putter to fit my swing.  We see most drivers on the market allow a player to adjust the club for his or her swing. I am glad to see more and more putters on the market do the same.  The weights with the Clutch putter are easy to interchange and the range of weights make this putter the perfect putter for really any golfer.  Lastly, because the putters are made on a low inventory basis, you are able to pick length – and you know each putter will be made with painstaking attention to detail.


Overall, I am a huge fan of Clutch.  I love that it is a one man shop that has a passion of providing a great putter.  I love the look – all black – a very unique putter head, and that each putter comes with a great looking putter cover and a Best Grip.  Buying a putter is almost like getting married.  Pick the right one and have a partner for a lifetime.  I will be the last guy to tell you if a putter will fix your game or is going to be the best putter for you.  You need to make that decision.  That being said, I would give Clutch a look.  I have been gaming this bad boy for the last month and there is no doubt that this putter performs right along with the big boys.

Clutch provided us a putter free of charge to try and do an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions.  Golf Starz has been given the putter as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company

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