So recently my wife decided to take up golf and I love it.  If you would have asked me a long time ago before I got married if I would like my significant other to golf I would have said you are crazy.  Golfing was something I did with the boys.  Now that I am married I could not be more excited for my wife to pick up the game that I love.  So since she has decided to take the game up, I decided to do a little post on a guide to gifts for really any mothers in your life, albeit your mom or the mother to your kids, here are some great gifts for those who love golf.


Head Covers – I love these from Stitch Golf – The Camo Headcover | white/sea blue/miami pink/palm green, would look great on any bag.  An added bonus is if she doesn’t like the style…then you have a dope head cover for you to rock.  Win…Win

ClubsPing makes a great women’s line.  Look if your mom/mother of your kids is in to golf it time to invest in some real clubs to really foster the love of the game.  Nothing worse than someone who wants to play and has to play hami-down or some Nitro’s from Walmart.  Invest in her by investing in the game.

Bag – You already know we are huge fans of Jones Golf.  We just ordered some bags for personal use over here at Golf Starz and right away my wife feel in love with the classic look of the bag.  The Players Series #002 is great light weight bag that will get the job done all while looking good.


Towel – Uther makes  great towel.  Looks great and performs well.  I am torn between the AZALEAS OF AUGUSTA or FLAMINGO LAKE – both look amazing and would compliemnt the Jones bag well.

Gloves – Asher just came our with a women’s line.  Again, a great looking glove that performs well.  Why not buy the woman you love…either your mom or the wife of your kids a great performing glove that looks good.  Plus right now they are 30% off for Mother’s Day.


Shoes – G/Fore duh.  You literally can’t go wrong and they have a style for everyone.

Apparel – you will need to pick the outfit out:

Greg Norman Collection – We recently did a write up on the Greg Norman’s women line and were really impressed.  Check them out.

Fairway and Greene – Again classic looking clothes built with great quality.  Can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Bermuda Sands – We meet with Bermuda Sands down at the PGA Show and were really impressed.  They recently sent us a couple items from their spring collection and literally have not taken them off.  Review Coming soon.


Last – for those who want to wait.  Jack Grace is coming out with a Women’s shoe line in September 2018.  We were able to sneak a peak at the PGA Show and trust us, they are worth the wait.


All imagines above were captured from the links, Golf Stars does not own the rights to any photos
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