Today  combines some of my favorite holidays…Cinco De Mayo and Kentucky Derby Day.  Hopefully you can sneak a round in this morning.   (Please note: if you are looking at this on your phone you will need to swipe through the pictures)


Men’s Performance Pique Stripe Golf Polo – By Pappy and Co – I know I am a little late on the come up but I love almost everything Pappy and Co. puts out.

Athletic Fit Pants – By Footjoy – Everyone needs to own a good pair of Khaki pants.

BROGUE KILTIE GALLIVANTER – By G/Fore – We have been rocking G/Fore shoes for awhile now and love them.  Classic look…great feeling shoe…what more can you ask for?

Morning Buzz (Classic Navy) Needlepoint Belt – By Smathers and Branson – A little hair of the dog…duh, just be easy on the gas peddle, today is a marathon not a sprint.

G/Fore Glove – Every outfit needs a little color.

The House Rules Tour Visor – By Imperial Hats – I have been obsessed with this hat lately.

19th Hole Solids Gray – By Kentwool – Great performing sock for a day full of golf and drinking.


All photos were taken from the links above, Golf Starz does not own any rights to any photos.


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