This week we are going to hit you with two outfits.  One for the golf course early on Saturday, and one to watch some ponies run while sipping on a mint julep.  The Kentucky Derby screams class and sophistication, when did it turn in to wear your most ridiculous outfit.  Here is a great style selection for the derby.


Super Fitted White Flower Trim Cotton Shirt – Button Cuff – By T.M. Lewin – Classic white shirt with some pop.  I like the hidden pattern on the cuff and the blue buttons.

Men’s Stretch Chino Pants – Yellow – By Ralph Lauren – I have been seeing a lot of yellow pants out on the market.  Love the classic spring look, a fun color that can work its way into the golf pant rotation.

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer – By Bonobos – look, a good blazer is an investment.  Honestly, I am sick of guys rocking blazer at the Kentucky Derby that wouldn’t even look good at a frat party.  Trust me, don’t waste your money on one of those. It doesn’t make you look “cool” – be an adult and buy a good blazer.

Pace Bit Loafer – By Onward Reserve -Another classic item that you will get multiple wears and uses out of.  I have been rocking horsebit loafers for years now and they look good from a suit, to shorts, to jeans.  You can not go wrong.

Pigs Tie – By Collared Greens – A great looking light blue tie that will “tie” (see what I did there) the outfit together.

THOROUGHBRED HORSE RACING BELT (PATRIOT NAVY) – By JT Spencer – If we need to describe this re-read the title.

SKY BLUE WITH WHITE STRIPE AND CERAMIC AND YELLOW BOW TIES COTTON SOCK LINKED TOE OTC – By Dapper Classics – With this outfit socks are optional, but these would look great.


A couple great accessories:

Booze Hound Needlepoint Can Cooler – By Smathers and Branson  – The Kentucky Derby is supposed to be a classy event.  Class up your koozie.

For all of our Bow Tie Fans out there:


All imagines are courtesy of the links above, Golf Starz does not own any rights to any of the photos used.

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