If you are anything like us you have played in your fair share of golf outings.  So take a minute an think back.  What do you remember?  For me, it is two things.  The ones I won and the ones with the best swag.

So we need your help, we are hosting a golf outing here in Columbus, and want to get your ideas on what some of the best swag you have or wish you received at an outing.

Within reason, what are some of the best items you have received, in way of context entry for this outing is $125, so definitely working with a budget.


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  1. Good luck w your outing!
    My fav swag over the years are things i still have now. Poker chip ball markers, good logo divot tools, and few hats I picked up via pro shop credit voucher. Even if it’s $10-20 voucher normally folks will spend more than that, which is a win for the course also.

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