We recently got our hands on the new golf balls from Snell.  Since the weather has been absolutely horrible so far this year, we have been limited in the ability to get out to the course and really do reviews.  As you have seen, we are in the process of finishing our “lab” and will soon be able to bring real time data to back up all of our on course reviews.  We pride ourselves on brining you data as well as on course reviews of products.  Look, anyone can hit into a simulator, grab some numbers and make comparisons – nothing wrong with that.  But something you will see this year is that we plan brining you the same on course reviews that you have come to expect from us.

All that being said, we wanted to take a minute and drop a line out on Snell.  If you haven’t heard of Snell, then either you don’t have social media or live under a rock.  Snell was founded by Dean Snell. You know, the guy who was part of the creation of the Pro-V1 and the guy behind a number of golf balls that Titleist® and Taylormade® have sold and still sell.  That resume alone means they are worth a try.  With Dean Snell at the helm and a direct to consumer model…on paper these balls look good.

Snell sent us some balls a couple weeks ago. We were able to break them out and play a very wet and cold round with both the MTB Black and Red.  So far we have been very impressed with the performance on the course. We will soon be in the lab collecting data and do a full review.  Check back soon for more on these balls as we really get to know them.

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