Doesn’t it feel like this winter is never going to end?  Graham and I both grew up in Ohio and this has been one of the longest winters that I can remember.  I think combined we have maybe had less than 5 days that we have been in town where the weather is even manageable to get out and golf.  Literally, every day we wake up to more snow, sub 40-degree weather, or rain a little piece of us dies inside.  This makes it impossible for anyone to get out and hit the links in the traditional sense.

Just when we didn’t think we could take it any longer, we were lucky enough to connect with a new indoor range here in Columbus.  Earlier in 2018 The Range opened in Dublin, Ohio.  A couple weeks ago the boys over at The Range invited us out to try out their facility. Read our thoughts below but if you are in town make sure you check them out.

The Range was the brain child of two guys who spent a lot of time in different aspects of the golf industry.  Joe and Kyle are probably some of the most laid back, easy going guys we have met in the golf industry – but these guys know their stuff.  From club fitting, to playing on mini-tour, to managing a club…they have the experience to back up this idea.  For years, they had kicked the idea around…how awesome would it be to open a place that has tour level quality but a relaxed feel?  A place that a scratch golfer and a 20 handicap would feel equally as comfortable but also both benefit from going.

Well, a little over a year before the doors opened the guys decided to take a dream from the bar napkins and idea boards and put the wheels in motion.  A great concept coupled with some market research directed these guys to Dublin, Ohio.


First Impression:

Right away when you walk in you feel like this space was built for this.  Currently, The Range offers a putting green and two sides of simulator golf (more about the technology in a minute).  Soon they will be adding more simulators and a training facility (more on this later).  But one thing we learned after sitting down with Kyle and Joe is that every inch of this place was gutted and redone to maximize not only the space but the feel you get as a customer.  Custom tables, seamless screens, and an attention to detail make you feel right at home and at times make you forget you are inside.  And they have T.V.’s, another added bonus.  That way you can catch the game or check out the tour while you are grinding on your swing.

Additionally, the place is really well lit.  I think every golfer who has hit into a simulator can relate, sometimes the hitting bay has to be so dark that you really can’t even see the ball…no fun.

Here is one of the many game changers that The Range offers…a bar.  We have been to some simulators that offer a bar but those places are bar first, simulator and technology second…not The Range.  From the moment, you walk in to the moment you leave the focus is on golf…which is how it should be. Don’t get me wrong, when I golf I have a beer or two – so let’s get the same feeling on and off the course.



Another added bonus that The Range offers is the multiple use of different technology platforms.  The Range utilizes Tackman 4, Boditrack, and Foresight GCQuad.  If you told me they had one of those I would have been impressed, but using three of the most cutting edge technologies on the market…The Range is in another league.  The way they range uses this technology is pretty legit, one side utilizes the Foresight GCquad and the other uses Trackman 4.  This really allows you to use either, plus provides more bays which means less waiting.

Plus, this allows you to either treat your time at The Range like a traditional range or to tee it up and play a round.

I am not going to dive into the technology, if you want to learn more about each system click here.  But you can take our word for it…as average golfers, we had more than enough data to try and fix our swing.



First off, The Range offers both monthly membership and hourly rates. The memberships caps at $240 bucks a month and the hourly is $60 bucks an hour. The Range will limit the amount of memberships so that there is not a major wait.

All in all, both are pretty good prices for what you get.  Access to technology 365 days a year.  As I write this, it is mid-April and it snowed today.   How else am I going to golf given theses conditions? The older I get and more kids we add to the roster the opportunities to golf are becoming harder to come by.  With the membership at The Range, even when you wake up on a Saturday and are planning to hit the links and an unexpected rain storm happens…no need to cancel the plans…just head over to The Range – definitely an added bonus.

Since, The Range is always striving to bring its members something new and expand the experience, the have added an outdoor option too.  After we did our visit, The Range expanded their membership benefits to include outside practice on TrackMan for no additional charge.  Additionally, they added the ability to book hourly appointments outdoors as well.  All of this was made possible due to a partnership with Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club.  This new feature will be added in early May



 Last added bonus is that The Range lets you bring your trainer with you at no additional cost.  This separates The Range from some others in the market.  This flexibility really allows you to find the right coach for you and be able to get year-round instruction.  While, The Range does not have coaches on staff, they will help you to make sure you are utilizing the technology to its fullest. If you are looking for a coach – they can also make a connection for you.


“The Training Room” (Coming Soon):

As we mentioned The Range is adding a state of the art training room to take your golf training regimen to a whole new level.  Dubbed “The Training Room” the boys are going to utilize a number of different tools to round out your golf training.  The Range will use TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified trainers to offer classes and training plans for groups or individuals of all ages and skill level.



In my opinion The Range has it all…great staff, top of the line technology, and soon adding a weight/training facility.  It is accessible, affordable, and most importantly an easy place to hang out.  As we see almost every other industry move towards the integration of technology it is great to see guys like The Range not only embracing it, but really making sure to do it right.  If you are ever in town make sure you check them out and tell them Golf Starz sent ya.



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The Range provided some bay time free of charge to try and do an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions.  Golf Starz have been given the time as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company.


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