So we decided to take some time and check some items off the to do list over here at Golf Starz.  We went back to take a look at the blog and see what has been doing well and what has not so that we can continue to offer you some really great content that you want to read.  So expect more playlists, drink of the weeks, and equipment reviews.

One thing we noticed that has been doing really really but was not a focus of our when we set out is diving deep into the world of golf fashion.  Now don’t get us wrong none of us are models and I do not think any of us will be gracing the cat walk during New York Fashion week but we have seen some really good numbers and feed back on posts that focus on golf apparel.  So we have decided to focus a little more on that.  We plan on bringing reviews of apparel companies, we plan on showing some curated outfits from brands we like, and we hope to bring you some really good discounts on some brands we really enjoy.

So help us.  Please comment below or email us what you would like to see.  Email us at


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