So I am out here still grinding.  I was talking with my trainer recently, and since we are focusing on being more healthy rather than a set amount of weight to lose, we are going to focus on inches lost rather than lbs.

So an update (after about a month and half):

Chest: -1 inch

Neck: -1 inch

Shoulders: Stayed the same

Waist: -.5 inch

Hips: Stayed the same

Bicep: +.5 inch right / same left

Thigh: +.5 inch

Calf: Stayed the same

So making some visible progress.  Early on, I was slipping, losing motivation to get to the gym.  More recently, I have been able to regain the drive and focus.  I honestly think early on I struggled because I had these visions of being 20 again, in shape and being able to easily do everything at the gym.  Now at 30, I am sore and out of shape.

Now that I have regained that focus and been sticking to my diet…I am seeing clothes fit better, I am gaining more energy, and honestly just feeling better all around.

Here is my ask.  What supplements do you take?  Do you take a pre-work out?  Do you supplement with protein?  Do you take a post work out recovery?  Are you someone who doesn’t believe in them why?  If you do take something, what brand?

I have read a lot about supplements and am on the fence.  So educate me.

Comment below or email me – blog@golfstarz.us




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