Alright, I am heading down to Augusta for the first time.  My excitement at this point is boiling over.  This is a bucket list trip.  As a kid, I remember watching the Masters with my Dad and Grandpa.  Dreaming of one day stepping on those hollowed ground.  More recently, I remember sitting in Tulsa at my late mother-in-law house watching Bubba Watson slip on the green jacket twice.  It worked like clock work, head to Tulsa for our every couple year trip for Easter and watch Bubba win.  The Masters has always been something that is more than golf, more than just a weekend.  It is something I looked forward to and I watch it almost religiously.

So this is where I need your help.  Obviously, I plan on eating pimento cheese sandwiches until I cant and walking the groups multiple times. But, this will be the first time in Augusta and I do not want to be a deer in the headlights.  I need to know what is worth checking out and what I can pass on.  We are heading down for the Tuesday practice round.

Trust me, there will be more coverage regarding The Masters here.  But as I am planing my trip, I do not want to waste a minute.  So help a brother out and so I look like I have been there before.  Email me blog@golfstarz.us and help me formulate my plan of attack.

H/T to my buddy Chris for making this happen.

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