This week’s guest post comes from our buddy Jeff.  We’ve known Jeff for years and are happy to have him on the team as a contributor.  Expect to see a lot more from him.

Jeff, similar to us, is an average golfer who is just looking to have a good time while chasing around a little white ball.  Recently, Jeff went to Vegas and took a break from losing money on the craps tap to swing by Topgolf Vegas to take a couple hacks and have a couple pops.  Check out Jeff’s thoughts on his night at Topgolf Vegas…we will be here patiently waiting for our invite that must have gotten lost in the mail.

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Last month I channeled my inner Turtle and attended a work conference in Las Vegas and you know the saying – “the house always win.” But this year instead of losing money on the tables, I found myself losing money to friends at Topgolf.

I’m sure the majority of you reading this blog is familiar with Topgolf, their technology, and golf games. I won’t go into those details but give a broader overview of this particular location.

Conveniently, I was staying at the MGM and for those who don’t know, Topgolf is “connected” to the MGM. It may be on the same property but it’s about a 12-15 minute walk from the casino floor and you have to go outside (NOTE: I found out there is a shuttle that runs between the MGM & Topgolf). That is one small problem compared to the whole venue. This location has 107 climate controlled hitting bays spread over four levels, a concert venue that holds up to 900 people, two pools with cabanas, and a sports book. In case you’re like me and didn’t lose enough money over the week!

Each Topgolf bay is equipped with its own HDTV and set of clubs (both men’s and women’s right handed). Left handed clubs are available but must be requested. The bays are also fitted with comfortable couches that allows everyone to relax between swings or enjoy a few beverages. While each bay can also fit up to six people but the bays are close enough that if you did have a larger party, you wouldn’t feel like you were missing out. There is also an extensive food and beverage menu to keep your group occupied.


Growing up in New York and then moving to Connecticut, I’d like to think I know good pizza. At Topgolf I had their salumi flatbread and was really impressed by it. The flavors were really developed and you can tell it wasn’t a microwaved flatbread that other places may try and pass off. The beers we had were cold and my buddy bought them. In my book, nothing beats a cold, free beer. Until someone in our group ordered a Golfbag cocktail. This shareable cocktail comes in a plastic bottle that is shaped like a golfbag. It’s a really fun drink and gets even the non-golfers in your group engaged and wanting to come out to Topgolf.

I have and always will enjoy my time at the different Topgolf locations. Maybe it’s the over-the-top nature of everything else in Las Vegas but this Topgolf does everything right. From the check-in to the attentive service to the actual golf. The details are well thought and the whole experience is executed perfectly. Golf is fun and should be. Topgolf does a great job bridging the gap between non-players and gamers by allowing each type of person to customize their own style. Now, I just need to convince Golf Starz to hold a board meeting in Las Vegas so I can go back.

Above was written by a contributor, Golf Starz did not edit the post other than for formatting purposes.   


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