Alright, so it has been a couple weeks since I started this journey.  I made a promise to myself since I am doing this to get more healthy and the main goal is not weight loss that for the first couple weeks I will not weight myself.

The last couple weeks have been amazingly busy and working out has been rough.  So since I have not been able to hit the gym like I wanted, I have been focusing a lot more on my diet.  A couple major points:

  • I have cut pop (soda) out of my diet.  It has been rough.  No more diet coke.
  • Packing lunch has allowed me to save money and also control my calories.
  • I have added racquetball ball into the work out routine.  It has been nice to work in something new.

Email me (blog@golfstarz.us) or comment below some good work outs I should try.


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