Original Penguin Relaunches Golf Line with Help from Sugarloaf Social Club:

If you have never heard of Sugarloaf Social Club then stop here and go give them a follow on Instagram.  We plan on writing a more detailed post about Sugarloaf in the near future so check back soon. And if you have never heard of Penguin then we don’t believe you.

Last month, we had the fortune of meeting the Sugarloaf boys down in Orlando. More recently we had the chance to talk on the phone about their history, their views on the golf world today and more timely their amazing collaboration with Penguin.


So about this line, Sugarloaf and Penguin are a perfect mix of classic but edge and know how to celebrate golf’s heritage (picture the classic looking photos of Arnold Palmer).  Penguin and Sugarloaf also know how to take a classic looking 80’s prep piece and make it cool again.

If you somehow didn’t know, Penguin was a staple in the golf game for quite some time.  Back in the day everyone was wearing it.  More recently, Penguin shifted away from the golf wear, focusing more on the casual men’s wear.  All of that ends now.  Penguin is making their long awaited return to the golf world.

In our eyes, an ode to the iconic, timeless pieces of fashion (both on and off the course) is very much welcomed. And Sugarloaf is helping Penguin jump back in by offering a very limited line which features only 100 of each piece:


A little about the line:

Sugarloaf had total control of this line from start to finish, from the classic color scheme to adding in the TV Penguin logo.  The anchor to the line is the classic white polo.  We admit finding a classic looking white polo can be challenging and we are excited to hopefully get our hands on one of these.  Each shirt is individually numbered and features the rarely used TV logo.  Additionally, each shirt has a subtle but great touch with the Sugarloaf logo on the pocket.   The TV logo is a departure from the classic outline of a Penguin and adds a bird that is colored in, making it really pop back when colored TV came into existence.  Every detail was labored over, making each shirt a perfect piece that has some closet staying power.

Here is an up close shot of the logo.

Copy of Sugarloaf_Penguin-97

The line features four classic looking polos and a jacket that will look good layered on top of each polo.  Somehow they have taken even the most simple, classic design and make it stand out.  The double creme is a throwback and a color scheme you don’t see a lot on the market, but will really look good this spring.  Check each polo below.

Close up of the jacket:

Let us be the first to wish you luck…good luck getting your hands on one of these.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  So, just like you we will be in line trying to buy a couple polos.

You can buy them here.   Maker sure you let us know if you get your hands on one…or two.

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