Alright, let us get in front of this. We will save you from the sight of us modeling underwear.  Instead, we will use stock images from UFM “Underwear for Men.”

We have reviewed a lot of products over here at Golf Starz including clubs, balls, quarter zips, polos and shoes.  At this point, you name it and we have tried it. We thought we had tried it all, until the PGA Show.  We ran into UFM and had to try it.  Before we get into the review, check out what UFM has to say about their underwear.


This video doesn’t exist

Aright, lets get into it.  We have worn the UFM in every situation to get the real feel.  On the course, in the office, out and about, and to the gym.  You can say we have put these bad boys to the test.

UFM gave us both the 6″ and 9″ boxer briefs to try so below is a compilation of our thoughts on both.  Additionally, this review is the collective thought of all three of us.

First, the idea behind an adjustable pouch for, you know…was intriguing.  Think about it, we have all been there. Mid 90’s day.  100% humidity.  Swampy, making the turn, and worst of all we have to adjust our underwear almost every swing to not chafe.  Well let us tell you, that feeling is a thing of the past.  (Editors note – because of weather here in Ohio, we have not been able to golf in mid 90’s temps. However, working out there was far less adjusting need.)

The drawstring pouch in the crotch provides support unlike any underwear on the market.  With the ability to customize the support, we never felt like they were too tight or too loose.  As you are moving throughout your round, or even just around in everyday life, you just simply re-tie the draw string or loosen it to readjust.  No more of this:


Gif courtesy of: 

The UFM underwear is as lightweight as any other performance underwear we have worn.  Very breathable and they do not soak up the sweat.

The only thing that took some getting used to was the draw string.  The draw string ties right where your button is.  While not a huge deal in the scheme of what these bad boys offer, it did take a little to get used to.  The draw string itself is relatively short, so doesn’t protrude and push your button/belt out.  Just an FYI to watch out for the draw string.One time, one of us (who will remain anonymous) was at a bar, went to the bathroom and zipped the draw string into his fly.  Then was walking around for an hour with a front tail hanging out.  User error.

All and all, we were very impressed with UFM.  Performed well and look good. Sorry everyone –  we do not want to burn your eyes by posting pictures of us in the goods.  We can not count the money we have spent trying to find an all around good performing underwear.  In our opinion, these are not a waste.  Give them a try.

We tried the golf underwear, but they offer a number of other verisons.

UFM gave us a couple pairs of their underwear free of charge to try and do an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions.  Golf Starz have been given the underwear as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company.



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