Look maybe it was the cold weather and snow that got to us but we bought a simulator.

We plan on using this thing non stop, to bring you more content and more well rounded reviews.  Honestly, the possibilities are endless.   We plan on upgrading the technology as we bought this puppy used so we need your help.  Right now we are really excited for what OptiShot has, and are looking to add that to the new HQ.

So…what are you looking for in equipment reviews.  What data points help you decided to purchase a product?  Comment below!  Help us help you.  By commenting below we will be able to make an informed decision on what technology we need to bring in.  In the coming days we plan on posting a survey to help define what you are looking for.

Thanks to everyone who helped us put this thing back together.  You are going to start seeing some new faces here at Golf Starz.  As Graham said, be on the look our for new content coming at your head top.

If you are in our around Columbus and want to take some hacks, let us know.  We will try and make it work.



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