Early 30’s…

A couple kids….

Focused on your career…

A couple pounds heavier than you would like…

Am I describing you?  Well if I am, get in line.  The only thing that doesn’t completely describe me above is the couple pounds heavier than I would like.  Honestly, I could stand to lose a little north of a couple pounds.  Look it took me awhile to admit that I am not at my physical best and honestly I feel like this is impacting my golf game.  I am less flexible, loosing club speed, and starting to get a little sore after walking 18.

Life gets in the way, priorities change.  But enough is enough, I am going to cut to the chase, this year I plan on making a change.  I plan on taking the first step into improving my fitness and hopefully improve my golf game.  Rather than be the “typical” blogger and bore you with post after post of work outs and my meals.  I plan on posting once a week, detailing some good meals I tried or some great work outs.

Here is what I am asking of you…hold me accountable.  Email / comment work outs that you do, good healthy meal ideas, or just recommendation around fitness.

Let’s hope I turn this dad bod into a golfer guy body real quick.


Header photo courtesy of: TripAdvisor


  1. Worthy goals, David. While there are plenty of good suggestions out there about stretching, eating, working out, etc… I simply wanted to say You Got This. Making changes with these things help immediately, even though dropping inches take time, with gaining energy and focus. I have more energy at work, more energy to play with (and coach) my kids in sports, more awake to recap the day with my wife at night, and even my sleep has improved. Celebrate daily “wins”, and if you fall short that day quickly move on and win the next day. I just turned 40 and I feel 10x better than I did at 30. Best wishes.


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