2018 PGA SHOW (final day)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a week since we were roaming the aisles at the PGA Show. That must mean we’re just really pumped about all of the awesome new releases from some of our favorite equipment and merchandise companies. The video below is a compilation of our final day at the show followed by a few bullet points of what really stood out to us. As we have been mentioning, be on the lookout for a detailed blog post from most of our meetings – whether it’s a product review, giveaway or general announcement.


David (twitter: @rdf43212):

  • Similar to Graham, it is amazing how much technology is on the market at an affordable price.  I am loosing excuses as to why I am such a bad golfer.  Very impressed with Blast Motion and FlightScope.

  • G/Fore – just wow.  Somehow they can make a classic looking shoe look edgy and without a doubt are pushing the envelope on golf fashion.  I am excited to see how things shake out once the dust settles with Peter Millar purchasing them.

  • Bermuda Sands has a line of clothes hitting the market this year that incorporates the use of recycled plastic bottles.  No better feeling that looking good and making a positive impact.

  • Last but not least, what is not to love about Jack Grace?  Maybe we should do a collaboration with them on some saddles.  Would you rock some Golf Starz saddles?

Graham (twitter: @gcampbellgs):

  • J.T. Spencer’s head cover collab with Peter Millar is going to be a huge hit.

  • Arnold Palmer Apparel is only getting better, their new line of shirts and quarter zips are sure to make it into your wardrobe.

  • Although great, you don’t need to spend $23K on a Trackman to get meaningful data. In fact, the FlightScope Mevo is affordable, portable and high-tech

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