If you are 21 please continue reading – if not check back for our next post.  If you are 21, as always please drink responsibly and don’t ruin a great round by driving drunk.  Take a cab or ask a sober buddy for a ride.

This weekend the family and I were supposed to head to the Greenbrier for a quick getaway after the holidays.  We woke up this morning to most of Southeastern Ohio under a level 3 snow emergency, making the trek to White Sulfur Springs impossible.  Since I am missing out on the annual family trip, I decided it was only right to make my own Greenbrier-style Mint Julep at home. Special thanks to the great West Virginians down at the Greenbrier for sending us their recipe, as well as some background behind the drink. I cannot wait to visit the Greenbrier this summer enjoy this drink (and tee it up).

image2 copy


The Greenbrier’s Original Mint Julep
“The oldest account book at The Greenbrier dates from 1816 and details that guests ordered “Julips” at the cost of 25 cents each.  When popular writer Charles Dudley Warner described The Greenbrier in 1886 he noted that travelers were met by attendants “who avowed that there was no time of day or night when a Mint Julep or any other necessity of life would not be forthcoming at a moment’s warning.”  By 1914 the Mint Julep was such a staple that the recipe for the drink appeared on The Greenbrier’s souvenir calendar.”
Mint Julep Recipe
Muddle 12-15 mint leaves with 1 oz. of simple syrup
Fill cup with crushed ice
Add 2 oz. of Marker’s Mark Bourbon
Stir once or twice
Add a sprig of mint dusted with powdered sugar


Here at Golf Starz we are all about easy drinks to make.   Tip your bartenders/cart girls and never drink and drive.

Comment below to see your favorite drink featured.


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