Last week we decided to lift the vail and introduce ourselves to all of our followers.  If you missed these posts –click the link to read a little more about Graham and David.  The reason we decided to write under our real names is that we want to learn more about you – our readers.  We want to learn why you golf, what equipment you use, and who are you cheering for on the tour.  Now I can’t expect you to open up to us if we do not do the same.  In addition to the product reviews, drinks, and play lists – we plan on writing more posts that are a little more personal.


Golf has always been an escape for me… an escape from stress. Stress from work, stress from life, etc.  I was always able to head out to the course or range and just turn off.  Shut my mind down and unwind.  There was something so simple about a game that at its core is actually fairly complicated.  The time out on the links was “David” time.

Recently, with the birth of my daughters, the role golf plays in my life changed.  I will admit, I was the guy for the longest time that viewed golf as something I did with only my friends.  Golf was not a family activity.  It was something me and the boys did most weekends.

All that changed with the birth of my daughters.

My daughters are 2 ½ and 4 months old.  Early on, after the birth of my oldest daughter, golf still served as a way to get out of the house and decompress.  But something changed.  I was still able to turn off a majority of my mind and just golf, but there was one constant thought going through my head – what was I missing at home?  With both my daughters being so young, all I could think about at times is what they are doing, what “firsts” was I missing. Look, I know it’s a couple hours a week or every other week, but I honestly could not shake this feeling.

The ability to turn off and enjoy my round started to fade quickly.  The thing I enjoyed most became the thing I struggled with each and every round.  Honestly, I started to enjoy golf a little bit less.  I decided that I wasn’t going to allow this changed to change my enjoyment for the game of golf.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the weekend trips or the rounds that last a little bit longer than they should.  But for me, personally, I decided to take on this change in golf “career” and embrace it.

The easiest fix for me was to start involving my wife and daughters more.  Start inviting them out to the course for a late Sunday afternoon nine, taking my daughter to stops on the Tour and PGA Tour in Columbus.  This small change, while it seems like a no brainer, really allowed for me to bring the enjoyment back into golf that I felt like I was missing.

The big things that I noticed were:

Golf changed from an all-day event to more quick nines…

The post round beers have become fewer and far between…

But not all changes are bad.

The quick nine now includes my 2 year old caddy on occasion…

I get to pass on my love for this game, there is no better feeling than hearing my daughter ask me about “gulfin”…

Watching her play with her clubs around the house, and requiring a glove every time she “plays” at home…

I say all of this for one reason. When I had my oldest, all of my golf buddies and friends said one thing over and over again – kiss your golf game good bye.  They were right in one aspect. My old way of golfing is now gone, but I am currently ushering in a new way of golfing.  It is different but in such a good way.  No matter what I may be able to accomplish in golf from here on out, having the ability to share my love for this game with my daughters will by far outweigh everything else.


These are my opinions, I hope you enjoy.  As always feel free to email me questions or ideas for posts


Comment below some of the ways your golf game has changed as you have gotten older.



  1. I love this story and the DAVID and Graham Blogs – great blogs for you golfer’s – just a couple of family guys.


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