Well I guess it is time to come clean.  My name is David and I am Lafferty Daniels.  While it has been a lot of fun flying under the radar and being “anonymous”, we have decided to finally lift the veil back and show our readers who we are.  We wanted to put a face to a name.

A little about me.  I am a middle teen handicap, bourbon drinking, true believer that no one will ever be as good a Jack Nicklaus, father of two.  No matter how great my drive looks I will without a doubt once in every round skull my chip and am obsessed with collecting head covers.

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  I started playing golf at a young age with my Grandfather and Dad.  I grew up playing with hand-me-down clubs and used golf balls on muni tracks.  I never took a formal lesson but always had a love for the game.  Graham (one of our founders) and I met when we were kids.  Once we met we started playing golf together right away.  Some of my best/first memories of golf were the two of us playing bare foot on the 9 hole muni course by our house.

Other than playing in small skins games here and there – I have never played “competitive” golf in school, rather opting to play football and baseball…looking back now it was a mistake to not give competitive golf a chance.

After high school, I moved to Washington, D.C. for college.  Aside playing a little bit here and there, golf was something that took a back seat to college and working.  Honestly, other than East Potomac golf course in D.C. – courses were expensive and hard to get to.  While in college I met my wife, and started my career.  When we found out we were expecting our first child we decided to move back to Columbus. There are days I miss East Potomac Golf Course in D.C., but I enjoy being back in Columbus.

After I moved back, Graham and Corbin decided to bring me on to Golf Starz to help kick the blog off.  It was a great fit since were all golfing together anyways.  I am a member at Hickory Hills Golf Club in Columbus, but still love playing the muni tracks I grew up on.  I aim to bring you relatable content in every post.  Look – it’s great that a company gives you metrics and throws a bunch of industry buzz words at you. But if you are anything like me, dropping money on new clubs is a huge decision.  Let me help you break through the BS and marketing campaigns to really tell you how a club feels in my/your hands… the hands of an average golfer.  Additionally, along the way I hope to share some good drinks, better stories, and my takes on tournaments.

Now that you have met me, never hesitate to email me and let me know what you like and don’t.  Email me at

What’s in my bag:

  • Driver: Cobra F6
  • 3 Wood: Callaway Big Bertha
  • Hybrid: Srixon AD HYBRID
  • Irons: Nike Ignite – looking to upgrade
  • Wedges: 50 Degree Titleist Vokey
  • 56 Degree Fourteen
  • 60 Degree Fourteen designed by the Wedge Wizard
  • Putter: Either a Wilson 8802 or Scotty Cameron, depends on the day
  • Bag: Ouul carry bag
  • Glove: Asher
  • Ball: Switching from Nike Rzn Speed to something new.



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