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Most of you may know this already but for the past year or so I have been writing under the moniker Jansen Lee. Regular readers already know but for those who don’t follow the golfstarz.us blog then I will fill you in. We recently made the switch from a store front website to a true blog. When I brought on Lafferty Daniels to help me with some writing we agreed to remain anonymous. But as we have started to grow the blog we realized that it was going to be really tough to keep our identity a secret. He will be doing a similar post, but we figured while we were making the site switch that now was a good time to do this. We decided we owed it to our readers to shed some light on who we really are as writers and golfers.


With that said, allow me to re-introduce myself…  my name is Graham Campbell and I am 30 years old. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and away from Golf Starz my brother and I run an insurance brokerage firm. Recently engaged and settling into my family business/career, golf still has me obsessed. I grew up following my father and brother around the greens of Hickory Hills Golf Club where I currently play 2 to 3 times a week (when it’s not snowing). I learned the game from my dad who was a member at Scioto Country Club, The Golf Club, and the Lakes Country Club. Even up until he passed in 2015, I was still learning every aspect of the game from him and was still captivated from all of his ‘glory day’ golf stories. It’s because of my dad that Freddie Couples is my favorite golfer and the reason why my fiance and I named our dog Freddie.


Unfortunately, growing up I did not have the opportunity to play at some of Columbus’ best courses since my father dropped most of his membership’s in the late ’80’s to focus on work and family. Instead, Lafferty Daniels and I grew up terrorizing the muni-tracks every summer until we went our separate ways. But in memory of my father, I have made it a bucket list goal to play all of those iconic local clubs. Anyways, after I graduated from St. Charles Preparatory School in 2006, I started college at Coastal Carolina University (home of Dustin Johnson) in South Carolina… the golf mecca of America. I was lucky enough as a college student to get to play a lot of great courses down there before I transferred back my Junior year to finish school. I graduated from Ohio State University in 2011 with a degree in Economics.

In January of 2015, my good friend (and now business partner), Corbin and I decided we would start our own golf Instagram account to share our love for golf… from topical, educational, historical and/or comical and everything in between. We quickly gained 20,000 followers with in 6-8 months and our growth has steadily increased since. We slowly introduced a small line of t-shirts and Golf Starz branded hats which were all designed by myself. We soon realized that the merchandise route was not our cup of tea. And that’s when Lafferty Daniels moved back home and I decided to bring him on to help me man the blog. You can expect to see a lot more content from us on our personal blog and Twitter accounts so be sure to give us a follow and be on the look out for our reviews on the Golf Starz blog.

Lafferty and Lee


Before I dive into my equipment it’s probably best to fill you in on what type of golfer I am. Right now, I am 11/12 Index at my course which has a course rating and slope of 71.3/139. It’s not long but very tight with fast greens so placement is highly rewarded. My game overall is descent from tee to green but I struggle the most around the greens. In short, sadly I play a lot but lack the consistency.  I am liable to make 3 or 4 birdies a round and still shot mid to high 80’s. Triple bogies always seem to be lurking around the course during a good round.

So, although the bag is always changing from week to week because of reviews and having to test out new equipment, I always seem to go back to what I have known for the last year. Right now, I am rocking the utility stand bag from Jones Golf with only 12 weapons equipped.



  • Driver: Titleist 915D2
  • Woods: 2009 Taylormade Rescue
  • Irons: TaylorMade RSi 1 (4-PW)
  • Wedges: Fourteen Golf Blue-Flame finish 60* and RM-22 56*
  • Putter: Odyssey White Hot
  • Ball: Wilson Duo Soft

My custom driver head cover is from PE Golfer. Similarly, my customer putter head cover is from Golf Iconic. I am currently rocking a couple different Asher golf gloves and when I am not using my guardian angel ball marker I am using the custom Golf Starz ball marker from Coach’s Customs by J. Orlando.

So with all of that in mind, I look forward to writing more and sharing some of my random thoughts on the golf industry, golf tournaments and everything else golf lifestyle related. Obviously, I’m new at this and appreciate in advance your patience as I continue to develop my own writing style/voice in the golf blog world. I also look forward to getting to know some of our readers so please feel free to message me to say ‘hi’ or if you have any content/blog ideas feel free to share them.


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