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Recently, Jason Day made a lot of news when he announced he would be living in Columbus, Ohio.

So while it may be easy for Jason Day to train during the months of cold weather with access to world class coaches and training equipment, the same can not be said for guys like us.  In Ohio, there are not many options for golfers to get in some work during the winter – until The Golf Room opened up.  The Golf Room invited us to swing by and check out the facility and boy are we happy they did.

The Golf Room combines everything a golfer needs to train and improve.  No matter what part of your game. Whether it’s your swing, your fitness, or your mental toughness the Golf Room has it all.  In fact, their motto is “The one stop shop for player development.”   The Golf Room is owned by Kyle Morris.  Kyle is one of Golf Digest Best Young Instructors and has been endorsed by 5 of the top 20 Golf Digest Teachers in America.  For 7 years, Kyle traveled around the world playing in events on the PGA Tour Latin America, PGA Tour Canada, and tour. While touring, Kyle accumulated 5 professional wins, over 25 top 5’s, and over 50 top 15’s, with a career low round of 60.  Kyle’s accolades go on and on and on.  Nothing against the local pros, but not many people are even afforded the opportunity to get a lesson from a guy like Kyle unless your last name is Day, Fowler, Thomas, or Speith. Or if you are lucky enough to catch him 4 or 5 times a year when he does a segment on the Golf Channel.

In an attempt to make sure I don’t miss anything The Golf Room offers I am going to break this review down into a couple different categories.



Kyle has ensembled a dream team staff for The Golf Room.  While Kyle’s resume alone would be enough, he wanted to surrounded himself with the best of the best in the game to offer everyone who walks into The Golf Room the best experience.  I can tell you just looking at Kyle’s resume I was a little intimidated when walking into The Golf Room.  Honestly, as a middle teens handicap, I was embarrassed to take instruction from someone of Kyle’s pedigree. It just seemed foreign to me.  People of my skill don’t have access to his level of instruction.

Kyle, as well as the rest of the staff, could not have broken the wall of intimidation down faster.  They really made us feel like a tour player from the moment I walked in to the moment I left.

If you are looking to work on your actual swing obviously Kyle, the Director of Instruction, is a great coach.  But Kyle decided to bring on Carson Stone who is there to help hone in your swing as well.  Carson spent the last couple years at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  In a previous role, Carson learned from GOLF Magazine “Top 100 teachers in America” Tim Cooke on a daily basis.  Talk about a one-two punch.

Alright, so you have your swing dialed in and your mechanics are solid.  Now onto the fitness (admittedly the weakest piece of my game). Now, I have not yet had the chance to personally try out the gym portion of The Golf Room but we plan on making a trip back just for that.  The Golf Room has partnered with Lindsay Becker.  Lindsay has trained the best of the best.  Lindsay is a Board Certified Sports Physical Therapy Specialist, Titleist Performance Institute-certified Golf Fitness Instructor, and Medical provider.  No matter if you are rehabbing or looking to get or stay fit, The Golf Room can tailor a workout plan to help. Pretty awesome, right?

Lastly, the piece that separates the good golfers from the great golfers, in my opinion.  The mental game. While often over looked in most amateurs’ game still an integral piece.  The Golf Room, through a partnership with Dr. Todd M. Kays, Ph.D., offers training to be able to focus in during the most crucial parts of your game.

Training / Golf

When I walked into The Golf Room, the first thing I think I said was “WOW!” Actually I think it was more like “Holy Sh*t!”  Right away, I was impressed with how golf-focused everything was and the amount of technology they pack into this place.  Each bay has a TrackMan!  Other than seeing those bad boys on Tour or on social media, getting access to a TrackMan as an amateur does not come easy – unless you have around $18K.  Who doesn’t want to learn their smash factor?

The Golf Room takes the TrackMan and adds a camera to capture your swing.  The Golf Room allows you focus on any piece of your game from off the tee to short game. It was amazing to see how in only an hour and with access to this level of technology, how much better my swing got.  The TrackMan allowed me to really measure my club angle, speed, and ball flight while the camera allowed me to work on my actual swing by looking at the mechanics.

The Golf Room gives you tour level analytics in a way not many other places can.  The best part about The Golf Room is when the weather gets better, the instruction and training moves outside.

Aside from all the coaching, instruction, fitness and technology… Kyle offers custom club fittings with over 10,000 different combinations. So not only can he fine tune your swing he can set you up with the right weapons.


If you would’ve told me I’d have a top instructor, top trainer, and sports psychologist at my finger tips coupled with a world class training facility, I would’ve told you I won the mega millions.  My only complaint is that I really no longer have an excuse to be an average golfer.  Look I will admit it, without The Golf Room reaching out I would have never gone and checked it out. But really it’s affordable – they will build a package for you, so price is not an excuse.  Weather your a world class athlete or a recreation player this place can help you reach your goals… and it’s all under one roof.

Don’t let your insecurities or nervousness get in the way.  This place is for YOU! Check them out below.


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The Golf Room gave us a couple hours in a bay for free to try and do an honest review of the facility. Although the time was complementary, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company

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