It’s no secret that we over here at Golf Starz live for 2 things: golf and the weekends. Our friends over at AmpCaddy love to celebrate the weekend as much as we do.  In our opinion, there is no better way to “weekend” then some sweet jams, great friends and good golf. That’s why we are going to kick off this weekend with a giveaway to help you get in the groove while your throwing darts into your favorite course.


The kind people over at AmpCaddy want to giveaway one of their speakers to our readers. So, comment below your favorite golf jam and scroll down and follow the blog. You must do those two things to get yourself entered!

The contest will be open all weekend and one winner will be contacted via email Monday (12/18/17). This contest is only open to US Residents.



31 thoughts on “AMPCADDY

  1. Depends on the mood, but for low key jams I like the Lumineers. If we’re getting rowdy with the fellas maybe some late 90s early 00s rap jams like Ignition Remix.


  2. Snoop, Daz, karupt, RBX

    Serial Killa- (think of it as a golf game)
    Six million ways to die, choose one!
    It’s time to escape, but I don’t know where the fuck I’m headed
    Up or down, right or left, life or death
    I see myself in a mist of smoke
    Death becomes any nigga that takes me for a joke
    We hit a five dollar stick, now we putting in work
    Unaccountable amounts of dirt, death becomes all niggas
    Anybody killer, you know what the deal is
    Nigga, you know what the real is.


  3. My song of choice when I’m grinding on the course is
    🎶All I do is win- feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoopdog, and Rick Ross.


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