FlyingTee – Tulsa/ Jenks, Oklahoma

Gone are the days where you head to the range, smash a bucket of balls and maybe sneak in a 24-ounce Bud Light you bought on the way at the gas station.  Golf is moving away from the Roy McAvoy run range in a small town in Texas to a place that not only do you want to spend hours at working on your game, but also somewhere you want to take your friends or family.

Over Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to check out FlyingTee in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  First off, thank you for having me and my family out for couple hours in the bay to check out the facility.


FlyingTee is three stories of bays in the booming Jenks Riverwalk area.  Each bay is equipped with a set of both left and right handed men and women’s Cobra golf clubs.  The bays also have plenty of space and seating to hang out and eat while waiting for your turn to tee it up.  FlyingTee can accommodate a single golfer up to a large group.  To make sure I don’t miss any of the cool/unique features, I am going to break it down and individually review some of the cool aspects that I enjoyed while I was there below. Enjoy!


Actual Golf/Technology:




FlyingTee takes practicing to another level and honestly makes it fun.  FlyingTee utilizes proprietary technology that not only tracks your ball after you hit it – measuring the flight path and distance, but also measures your ball speed, club speed, among other measurements that will allow you to work on your game providing a level of detail that a traditional driving range could only dream of.  Having both pieces of technology was something that allowed me to make real time adjustments to work on and adjust my swing.

While I will not pretend to understand all of the technology that goes into making everything at FlyingTee work, let me tell you from a layman’s perspective how easy it was to operate everything.  The first thing that jumped out to me was that you did not need a special golf ball to make the system work.  I have been to other high tech driving ranges where they operate with a specialized ball.  Being required to use a specific ball or one with a magnetic strip can impact the way you practice.  FlyingTee uses the typical range ball you can find at any other range or course.  It is simple – if you are going to work on your game or are looking to dial in distance, how do you expect to really know your distance if you are using a ball that is only available at the range?  Using a different or special ball will make it difficult to replicate at another facility.

The technology was very easy to operate, the screens/golfer interaction with the system are both very user friendly.  When it comes to hitting the ball, all you have to do is tee the ball up in the sensor zone and swing away.  All of your results display on a T.V. that is right within your eye sight from hitting area.


Not only can you practice your swing at FlyingTee, there are also a number of fun games for everyone in the family or group to enjoy.  FlyingTee offers the traditional games you come to expect like darts, long drive, and a fun game me and my family loved called “21.”  Similar to black jack, each time you shoot, you are aiming at cards, a miss draws a random card and closest to 21 wins.


An added bonus that was a lot of fun to play was the over 30 golf courses that were at your fingertips to play.  From Pebble Beach to St. Andrews, you can tee it up virtually at some of the best courses in the world and never need to leave your bay.  We played a couple holes at Bethpage Black.

My biggest complaint about “virtual” golfing at a course is the putting.  FlyingTee has found a great way to move the game along and improve this piece of the game.  Once you are on the green, the computer calculates based on your skill level and the distance to the hole the odds of you making the putt and offers a wheel with 1, 2, or 3 putts – Price is Right style to speed the round up.  So, if you are a beginner typically, you have a better chance for a lower number than if you are more skilled.  An additional bonus is the distance for the virtual course is displayed on the screen and aligns with the distance markers out in the range.

Last but not least, the biggest piece that was a major plus in my book when it comes to the actual golfing is the ability to put in your skill level.  My wife is not a huge golfer, so being able to increase the target size on darts or the fairway on the long drive competition made it fun for everyone, no matter the skill level.

Bar and Food:


As I said above, FlyingTee has three levels full of bays.  Each level has its own bar, and the first floor also has an outdoor bar.  Though it was a bit too cold to enjoy the outdoor bar, it features a very large putting green, great for some casual putting while you wait for your bay.

Drinks were cheap and the beer selection was extensive.  Even mixed drinks fans in our group were very happy with the cocktail menu FlyingTee offered.  Additionally, golf is undoubtedly the main focus but FlyingTee offers a number of other fun activities.  Pool, video games, board games and corn hole just to name a few.  The bars have a sports bar vibe, which fits perfect.  With more TV’s than I could count, you would be hard pressed to not be able to find the game you are looking for.

FlyingTee not only offers a very fun golf experience but the bar is a place that even if you are not planning to tee it up, you are guaranteed to have a great time.


FlyingTee took the sports bar menu and improved it.  Check out their full menu here.

We had the burger and the hot dog, both were very good.  The nice part about the menu at FlyingTee is there is literally something for everyone.



Golf should be fun.  For those of us who are not able to hit the range every day or able to afford a personal coach, you have to find innovative ways to get out and practice.  What better way to practice and improve than at a place that is not only fun for the whole family but also has the technology to provide you real time swing analytics.  No matter if you are a scratch golfer or someone who is just looking to have fun, FlyingTee offers something for everyone.  As a golfer who tends to take golf a little on the serious side, I was very impressed with FlyingTee.

My only complaint is they only have one location and I happen to live in Columbus, Ohio.  If you are in Tulsa/Jenks or even close, it’s worth checking out FlyingTee.  I think it is safe to say any future trips I have to Tulsa will now include a stop at FlyingTee.

Now let’s hope they open more locations!


FlyingTee gave us a couple hours in a bay for free to try and do an honest review of the facility. Although the time was complementary, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company.

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