2017 (3)

  1. THE GOLFERS JOURNAL: Great gift for the Golf purist in your life. The Golfers Journal will deepen anyone’s appreciation for the game.
  2. JONES GOLF BAGS: Everyone recognizes a Jones Golf Bag. Show people what kind of player you are in the Pacific Northwest bag.
  3. RHOBACK: The Nantucket Red “DINGHY” is a classic look that can be worn on or off the course and tucked or un-tucked.
  4. WILSON STAFF 8802: This year more than ever we’ve become big fans of what Wilson Golf is doing (see our posts here). The timeless 8802 putter may take a little more skill but will always be appreciated on the course.
  5. CHIPPO GOLF: For the one who loves golf AND backyard games… Chippo is the perfect gift. Check out our complete review here.
  6. SUNFISH GOLF: Slowly becoming a househeld name, they’ve been featured in Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, PGA and USA Today. And you will soon be seeing them on our bags. Check out all the cool accessories they make.
  7. PALM GOLF CO. A great way to add style to an overlooked accessory in golf. We first ran across them on Kickstarter a few months ago and now they’re taking pre-orders on their patent pending gloves.
  8. TRUE LINKSWEAR: TRUE Linkswear recently re-invented themselves, now offering two unique yet comfortable golf shoes. If you’re like me and looking to walk more then check out the TRUE Original.
  9. WILLIAM MURRAY GOLF: Unleash your inner Bill Murray while still getting the performance standard of today’s golf shirts with the Old Fashion Polo.
  10. AMPCADDY: Golf should be fun so what better way than adding some music to your weekend rounds. Use code ‘GOLFSTARZ’ for 10% off a speaker and a power bank.
  11. J.T. SPENCER: A stylish golf belt for half the price of the needle point belts on the market today (with the same – if not better quality). Check out our review here.
  12. GREYSON CLOTHIERS: A blend of fashion and golf, Greyson Clothiers offers superior tailoring and quality construction.

Honorable mentions: Seamus Golf ball marker, Puma hat, GFore glove, Royal Albartross belt, Arnold Palmer Apparel shorts, Jack Grace shoes.

As always, we encourage you to comment below some of your favorite brands and what you are looking to grab this holiday season!

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