Product Review – Cure Putters CX4

I think every golfer has come across Cure Putters, either on social media or on the rack at the store.  Cure ranges from a classic looking putter, the CX line, to some very modern outside the box looking putters in the RX line.  The look of the RX line may be a little too much for some readers, but didn’t your parents teach you to not judge a book by its cover?  We were recently talking to a friend of ours who is very well respected in the golf industry.  When we asked his opinion on Cure Putters what he said really rang true.  The putters may look a little different and the ball coming off the club may sound like something you have never heard before. So, while the putter may take a little bit to get used to, the thing you will get used to is hearing the ball hitting the bottom of the cup.  From everyone we have talked to, once you go Cure you never go back.  Now to our review.

First Impression:

Cure sent us the CX4 in a black finish to review.  The CX4 also comes in a red finish, something we are seeing a lot in the golf industry.  The CX4 is slightly over sized, a departure from the oversized RX line.  All the putters in CX line are 5” and tend to take a more classic approach to the design of the putter.  (I have included the specs below) The CX4 was a great putter for someone who is use to a traditional blade, but trying to ease into trying something new.  While the putter did seem a little bit bigger and heavier than I was used to, the finishing touches and attention to details for the putter sparked my interest.  Additionally, like all of Cure’s putters, the adjustable weights were great to be able to “customize” the putter and were easy to change.



The first thing that jumped out to me on the course, was the ability to consistently strike the ball firm with a good roll and speed.  The weight and size of the putter actually assisted in keeping my hands somewhat “quiet” when striking the ball and the bigger face felt like even when I wasn’t hitting the ball dead center I was still getting a good roll.  It was hard to miss hit.

Cure Putters’ focus on an increased Moment of Inertia (MOI).  In laymen’s terms, higher MOI means a miss hit has better chance to stay on line and limit your amounts of putts.  Basically, the higher the MOI the less the club twists and better chance to strike the ball pure.   If you want to read more about MOI, here is a great article.  MOI was a foreign concept to me before reviewing the CX4, but I could really feel the difference.  Something I have always struggled with in my putting consistent striking of the ball.  When comparing some of the putters I have owned, most of them have a smaller MOI, which most likely did not help with consistent level ball striking.

Lastly, the weights were something that does take some tinkering with to get it the right weight for you. What I will say is dialing it in allowed for me to “customize” the putter to my swing.


The one thing I noticed on shorter putts was that because of the weight and size of the putter I felt like I did lose some touch.  Nothing a little practice can’t overcome.

Also, while Cure Putters are nothing new to the golf world, undoubtedly, there will be members at your club who will say it looks too big or “bulky.”  Look – not every putter is going to be everyone’s cup of tea.  The CX line really incorporates the MOI/Cure technology in more classic looking putter so it will come down to individual choice.


The CX4 performed well.  In full disclosure, it took me a couple rounds to get used to it.  I, similar to most golfers, tend to “judge” clubs more on appearance rather than the science in the club.  In a blind test, I did see improvements on some of the areas that needed improvements in my putting.  While this putter did not cure all of my three putts, I did notice that when I didn’t jar one, I had shorter clean up putts.

All-in-all I am glad to see Cure offering some classic looking blades and mallets while incorporating the technology we saw in their RX line of putters that really did break the mold.  I am excited to try the RX line of putters to see if almost doubling the MOI that we see in the CX4 changes my putting any more.

If you get an opportunity, give the putter a try.  It may look different – but it may just be the tool you need.  Here is a link to Cure’s website with all the different putters they currently offer.

Head 5″  Precision Milled Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Face Spiral Milled
Weight Range 352 – 400 grams
MOI Range 6,795 – 8,040 g/cm2
Lie Angle 70º
Loft 2.
Sole Curved
Alignment T-Bar
Hand Right Handed Only
Shaft Heel Shaft Only
Length 33″, 34″, 35″ – *Please Call for Custom Lengths


Cure Putters sent us the CX4 free of charge to try and do an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions.  Golf Starz have been given the CX4 as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain our own and were in no way influenced by the company.

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