Golf Starz Review of  Wilson’s C300 Flex Face (steel shafted) Irons

Today Wilson Golf has released their new C300 line of equipment. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the C300 Flex Face Irons. I’ve never played a round with Wilson irons before but if you’re like me (and have a low-teens handicap) and looking for some new weapons to improve your index… then you are going to love these things.

Wilson understands a little extra help goes a long way… literally. Here is why:

  • They increased their power hole technology*. With two rows of cut-outs in the sole and 6 other surrounding the rest of the club, that means less material supporting the face which will make the ball go farther. I found the power holes to be aesthetically pleasing at address but obviously some players may feel differently.
  • Speaking of aesthetics, Wilson did away from adding any red on the irons – giving it a more sleek, clean look. A welcomed change by many from the D300’s.
  • Wilson has also increased the face flexibility which means you will see improved ball speeds.

*POWER HOLES: Through-holes strategically positioned around the entire face to minimize contact between the body and the face, providing maximum flex and expanding the sweet spot for greater ball speeds across the entire hitting surface.

I even compared my Taylormade RSi’s with the new C300’s to see how they would hold up. You can see my club head speed and total yardage increased 20 yards (I also may have caught the Wilson 7i about as flush as I can but you get the point).

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So, in short… These irons look and feel crazy good. Wilson has done what you truly need in your set of irons. They have added more forgiveness and added more distance.

If you have never considered Wilson in your golf game I would strongly recommend you reconsider – I know I have.

And honestly, we have been nothing short of impressed with all the moves that Wilson has made lately! (https://golfstarz.us/tag/wilson-golf/)

To learn more about the C300 family see below.


Wilson Golf sent us the irons free of charge. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions and are products we would undoubtedly recommend, use or purchase on our own.

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