Golf Starz Take on the Hero World Challenge

-J. Lee

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock then you know Tiger Woods, who has been away from golf for the last 9 months, will tee it up this weekend at Albany Golf Course for the Hero World Challenge. Although it is a PGA Tour sanctioned event, Tiger Woods is the host and there is not cut – with only 18 players in the event.

To brief you, after winning five times on the PGA Tour in 2013, Woods has only played 19 tournaments since then, including one in 2017 at the Farmers Insurance Open in January, at which he missed the cut with two rounds of 76 and 72. Last April he announced that he had undergone his fourth back operation in three years. Obviously, that brings us to today… to this weekend… to the comeback.


Look besides Vegas, no one is more excited about the return of Tiger Woods than us over here at Golf Starz. If you follow us on social media then you already know this (and for those who don’t: It’s been about a week of straight Tiger Woods content).

We’ve been waiting for this weekend for a long time now (9 months actually). And to add to the excitement/hype, reports have been coming in from everywhere about how good Tiger is feeling, how he is out-driving DJ and not to mention the countless slow-mo swings we’ve seen all over Twitter. That coupled with all of the ridiculous statistics that are surfacing plus the re-airing of some of his greatest rounds on the Golf Channel… I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty hard not to run through a wall thinking about his return.

But with all that being said… we want to hear from you guys. Obviously everyone in golf is happy and anxious to see Tiger’s return but… How do you think he will preform? What are your predictions? What is different about this return to golf than any of his others? Well from what we’ve heard, Tiger has much more energy and seems very happy. He also finished his practice rounds and appeared to still have some pep in his step. Plus he says he is completely pain free for the first time in a long time. Either way we want to get your thoughts in the comments below.

Nonetheless, we apologize for all of the Tiger talk… Normally, we would walk you through the 18 player field down in the Bahamas plus give you a detailed layout of the course and the history of the event. But not this time. If you want to see the stacked field click here and/or if you want to see the course layout hole by hole click here.

Otherwise, you know the drill… Below are our favorite and long shot picks for this week. As always, we encourage you to get involved in the comments and let us know your thoughts and/or picks for this week.

J. Lee

  • Favorite: Justin Thomas
  • Long Shot: Tiger Woods

L. Daniels

  • Favorite: Dustin Johnson
  • Long Shot: Tiger Woods

If you happen to be there for any of the festivities or as a patron please send us your pics or videos to blog@golfstarz.us! Otherwise we will see you on Twitter this weekend! #TigerTalk

TW Return.jpg

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