Product Review –  Rhoback Activewear

-L. Daniels 

I feel like in the world of golf fashion we are starting to lose touch with the history of companies. You never know who owns who or the back story behind a company.  Look, if you are a guy that wants to shell out good, hard earned money on your gear without knowing a lot about the company, then be our guest.  For us, we like to know a little but about the company – maybe help the smaller guy out.  A major goal of ours here at Golf Starz is to expose our readers to something new, something different.  Try to help a company out that doesn’t have a huge marketing budget.  I say all of this and I still buy Footjoy shirts, Adidas shorts, and Nike shoes.  There is nothing wrong with the main stream brands, but it’s time to start thinking outside of the box.

We are excited to introduce everyone to Rhoback.  I feel like Rhoback and Golf Starz are kindred sprints.  We came across Rhoback thanks to a number of my friends from Washington, D.C. who swear by these guys and a great bio on the founders in the Washingtonian.  Check out the article here!

We love their story.  Before we jump into the shirts, we would like to share a little bit about their background.  Rhoback started as inside joke.  The boys went to a great D.C. social gathering known as Gold Cup – and one of their buddies wore a pair of orange pants.   Editor’s note: during my time in D.C., I went to Gold Cup almost every year and thank God I did not know these guys because I wore pants that made the orange pants looks like khaki dockers.  Well after that fateful day, some ribbing started between buddies. They started an Instagram page chronicling their escapades while trading the pants between the group. The next thing you know, companies started to take notice.  Some brands started to send them some gear to wear and feature on their Instagram page. The one thing they noticed was that most of the polos that were sent just didn’t cut it.  While talking with the guys, the one thing that stuck out to me was that they sweat through most of the polos they were sent. If you have read my prior posts, I am a man that sweats a lot. Needless to say, these dudes had me hooked right away.

The back story peaked our interest, but now let’s get down to what matters – the performance of their shirts.  Rhoback sent us a couple polos to try and do an honest review.

First off, the look – Rhoback takes a classic stripe pattern that you see a number of companies out there producing and improves on it.  Rhoback currently offers shirts in seven different stripe patterns as well as two solid colors.  The stripe color combinations allow fans from a number of schools to find one that works for game day and allows you to rock your school pride on the course.  The color combos alone look great, but add in the cool looking logo and the unique stripe on the neck giving it the look of a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog…cue the name Rhoback.

Enough with the look, now to the performance of the polo.  Anytime someone tells me that the shirt is designed for guys who sweat a lot, I am skeptical.  Everyone on the market makes “performance” shirts.  Most of them just feel like you are wearing a garbage bag so while they look sweat free, underneath you are really burning up.  This is not the case for the Rhoback polos.  Rhoback polos really do perform in the heat. The Rhoback polos are made to transition from activity to activity, allowing you to look stylish while looking like you’ve haven’t even broken a sweat.

And the fit. The biggest complaint I have about shirts on the market today is when you order your “size” and you never know if it’s actually going to fit.  I am a XL. I know I should probably hit the gym, but I hate ordering something only to receive a shirt that no “XL” in the history of the world could wear.  Rhoback is true to size.  The boys over at Rhoback described their sizing as a little bit smaller than Peter Millar.  They are 100% correct about the fit.

A major added bonus that I never thought about is the collar.  Rhoback has found a way to stiffen the color so even after washing it or a day on the course, the shirt still looks like it was freshly pressed, again allowing you to move from activity to activity.  Now that Rhoback has opened my eyes to “bacon neck” collars, there are polos that will now forever live in my closet.

Honestly, I have zero complaints on these Rhoback polos.  The price is in line with most “high-end” polos; they look great; fit to size; the company has a great backstory; and the performance is amazing.  Trust us, Rhoback is worth a look.  Be the guy who is the first at the club to rock it rather, than trying to get your hands on one after everyone else is wearing one…it’s only a matter of time.


Mr. Lafferty Daniels is a weekend warrior when it comes to golf.  Mr. Daniels shoots in the  high 80s most of the time.  Has been know to have a couple snowmen on the score card but with the right amount of luck and sometimes with a little help from the trusty foot wedge can find his way into a birdie. 

Rhoback sent us a couple polos free of charge to try and write an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own honest opinions.


  1. I’m trying to figure out on your pullovers zip ups do you have a ribbed button or just flat..flats look good if your tall but not good if your 5ft.9 and a XL. You address everything except the bottom of the zip up pull overs.


    1. Pullover’s have a flat bottom but they do tighten up a little. I would argue (as a someone who is 6’2) that they could use a little length vertically – I find myself pulling the pullover down from time to time. I think an XL at your height would look absolutely fine. Hope that help!



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